Philosophy and Equity Statement of The Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing and Health Sciences

The faculty of the Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing and Health Science in accord with Molloy University, believes that every person, as a biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual, cultural being, has an innate potential for self-actualization in a dynamic universe. We believe that human beings are entitled to an environment which fosters individual self-esteem and mutual positive regard. We hold in high esteem the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals. It is the concept of valuing, in relation to humanity-environment-health, which gives meaning to humanistic nursing practice.

Each human being is an integrated whole, evolving through time. The uniqueness of humanity is reflected through individuals, families and communities continuously interacting with their environment. Since environment influences the health and well-being of humanity, we recognize our collective responsibility to strive toward an environmentally better world.

Health is a dynamic state of bio-psycho-socio-spiritual-cultural well-being. A responsible society provides a health care system that enables individuals to function at their highest level. Nursing meets the actual and potential needs of humanity by assisting a diverse, multicultural population to attain, maintain, and retain optimum health.

Nursing is both a science and an art which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of human responses. Humanistic nursing integrates theory and practice within a framework of ethical decision-making. Nursing provides health care for individuals, families, and communities. Central to professional practice are caring, interpersonal communication, and nursing therapeutics. We believe that nursing is a social contract grounded in the profession's code of ethics and requires a life-long professional commitment.

Baccalaureate nursing education is based on liberal arts and sciences. This foundation distinguishes baccalaureate nurses by preparing them to communicate, evaluate, and provide humanistic health care. Professional nursing education includes nursing's scientific body of knowledge which is augmented by the findings of multidisciplinary research. Baccalaureate education prepares the nurse generalist in a beginning leadership role as a member of an interdisciplinary health care team who is able to practice in a variety of settings.

The faculty believe that learning is an ongoing process that fosters intellectual inquisitiveness, critical thinking and decision-making, a creative approach to life situations, and an appreciation of ethical and aesthetic values. We believe learning occurs best in a humanistic environment that values students and supports them in becoming increasingly self-aware and self-directed.

A Master of Science degree builds on a foundation of baccalaureate nursing education and integrates nursing theory, research and knowledge from other disciplines. Students, through scholarly activities, acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding and values that lay the groundwork for advanced humanistic nursing practice. It is the integration of theory and practice, grounded in ethical decision-making that distinguishes humanistic practice. Graduate education assists students to perceive new relationships among variables that affect professional nursing in an evolving health care system.

The faculty believe that graduate education provides an opportunity for professional nurses to develop advanced competencies in nursing therapeutics, in areas of clinical concentration and role function, congruent with an expanding theoretical knowledge and authority base. Master's education prepares nurses to manage care in complex situations and meet intensified health care demands. The faculty recognize the importance of collaboration among health care professionals, and the uniqueness of nursing's contribution.

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Statement on Health Equity
The School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SON&HS) community is resolute in its stance against racism and all other forms of inequity and unjust treatment. As members of the SON&HS, we are dedicated to understanding, identifying, and actively advocating for changes in the deeply rooted structural inequalities in our healthcare system and society. We acknowledge our commitment to health equity (Braverman, Arkin, Orleans, Proctor, Acker, & Plough, 2018)  and justice for populations who are known to experience significant health disparities. We believe health equity is an attainable goal that can only be achieved by eliminating the preventable differences in health one group has over another.  

As current and future healthcare professionals, we recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence (AACU, n.d.)  are necessary to build a professional cadre of effective leaders with equitable opportunity to contribute and succeed. We are therefore strongly dedicated to the  recruitment and preparation of faculty, students, and staff to be scholars, leaders, and advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our health care system. We are committed to upholding the moral, ethical, and professional obligations inherent in the Dominican principles that foster respect for human dignity; work toward the elimination of health disparities; and promote the rights, welfare, and best interests of all people. Through these efforts, we will continue to participate in healing the world, promoting justice, and standing against racism and all forms of inequality in our programs, school, healthcare system, and society.  

American Association of Colleges and Universities (n.d.). Making excellence inclusive. 
Braveman, P., Arkin, E., Orleans, T., Proctor, D. Acker, J. & Plough, A. (2018). What is health equity?       Behavioral Science & Policy, 1(4), 1-14. 

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