Community-Based Participitory (CBPR) with Low-income Underserved Rurla Immigrants


Dr. Stacciarini is a psychiatric nurse scientist whose research focuses on identifying approaches to address social determinants of mental health in underserved and minority populations. She has partnered with faculty from the U.S., Mexico and Brazil on studies to understand gender, race and health disparities. Dr. Stacciarini's research on mental health disparities with underrepresented populations in rural areas is grounded on the principles of CBPR such as fairness, justice, empowerment, participation, wellness approach and self-determination. This presentation focused on Dr. Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini's scientific journey using Community-Based Participatory Research approach when working with low-income, underserved rural immigrants (Hispanics and Haitians) and with LGBQ+ youth in North Florida. "First Friday" is a monthly brown-bag research seminar and webinar for faculty and students, featuring guest speakers on timely topics of interest. This session features one of our own Molloy College graduates who has become a nationally recognized nurse researcher in the area of symptom management.