Speak more than one language? Here’s how your brain does it!



Presented on March 1, 2019. Professor Hia Datta, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director Communication Sciences and Disorders, Molloy College "First Friday" is a monthly brown-bag research seminar and webinar for faculty and students, featuring guest speakers on timely topics of interest. This session is part of our continuing interdisciplinary series of research presentations in health-related fields that are not nursing! Dr. Datta's research focuses on understanding how the brain processes language across the lifespan. She is interested in learning how language processing varies in different populations such as infants, children and adults, individuals who communicate using more than one language as well as individuals with language and cognitive disorders. In this session, Dr. Datta will outline some questions related to non-native language processing in adults and children, and discuss how Event Related Potentials, a particular brain imaging technique can be used to provide answers to these questions. Specifically, she will review how adults and children using more than one language, organize and manipulate their languages, and what challenges and opportunities being bilingual can lead to. Learning about differences in native and non-native English speakers can provide insight into building better rapport and relationship with our patients.