First Friday – Seminars in Nursing Scholarship and Research

"First Friday" is a monthly brown-bag research seminar and webinar for faculty and students, featuring guest speakers on timely topics of interest. This session features one of our own Molloy College graduates who has become a nationally recognized nurse researcher in the area of symptom management.


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"Ethical Conundrums of Conducting Perinatal Health Disparities Research: An Urgent Need to Translate Research Into Best Practice."

Presented by:
Joan Rosen Bloch, PhD, CRNP
Associate Professor and Director of Global Health Initiatives
College of Nursing and Health Professions
Drexel University

In this presentation, Dr. Bloch will shares her program of data-driven translational perinatal health disparities research that has evolved from practice-based clinical inquiry. While this country struggles with racial injustice and there is a plethora of data documenting disturbing disparities, there is a dire need for nursing to use population health data to transform nursing care. Given the high rate of maternal and infant mortality in the United States there is a great need for new ways that optimize nursing in innovative clinical solutions with multidisciplinary stakeholders. Translating research on social determinants of health into holistic, family-centered nursing care approaches are critical. The tripartite mission in nursing calls for 'collaboration across borders' for SAFE MOTHERHOOD.

Her multiple collaborative projects included work with Molloy College Dean Marcia Gardner using unique analytical techniques that combined approaches made possible through collaboration.


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