Computer Science

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

Prepare for a Computer Science career, a field expected to grow 13% this decade

Computer Science has earned a reputation as a challenging and rewarding major.  Earning a degree in this field is more than just programming.  The program provides you with a strong foundation of Computer Science including knowledge of hardware, database systems, operating systems, and mathematical foundations of computing.  The mission of the Computer Science program is to prepare you for the many career opportunities in the field of computing, and for you to keep pace with emerging technologies. 

Upon entering the Computer Science program you will take at least two semesters of programming to understand and reinforce concepts in algorithmic designs and techniques, data structures, operating systems, and computer architecture.  In addition, you will take math courses including Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, and Linear Algebra to understand the mathematical foundations that support analyzing and evaluating computational problems and solutions.  The flexibility of the curriculum allows you to take specialized classes such as artificial intelligence and web/mobile game development.  We offer you opportunities to do internships, and we encourage you to pursue a major or minor since applications of computer science exist in almost every field such as business, education, sciences.

Upon leaving the program you will have the confidence, knowledge and experience to develop creative solutions to complex problems.

Transfer students are welcome into this program. Learn more about transferring to Molloy, including transfer guidelines, articulation agreements and funding opportunities.