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A focus on historical knowledge and building essential skills for career success.

Our career-minded curriculum prepares students with the essential skills like critical thinking, writing, and communication needed to pursue future in-demand careers.

Features of the History program at Molloy University include: 

  • Individualized attention: You will be assigned a faculty advisor who will guide you through your undergraduate studies.
  • Distinguished group of faculty: Our faculty are experienced scholars and policymaking practitioners with expertise in American, European, Latin American, African, Asian and Middle Eastern fields of history.
  • Internship opportunities: Our students have the opportunity to serve as interns at historical societies, museums, and non-profit organizations in New York City and Long Island.
  • Career-minded curriculum: Under the supervision of a faculty member, students can focus their studies on tracks that include American, European, Latin American, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern history.
  • Global education and travel: Students majoring in history learn about foreign cultures and have the opportunity to travel the world with Molloy's global learning program.


Transfer students are welcome into this program. Learn more about transferring to Molloy, including transfer guidelines, articulation agreements and funding opportunities.

Degree Options

Students can earn either a BA in History or a BA in Adolescent Education in Social Studies or they can easily obtain both degrees simultaneously.

  • History BA

    Students seeking the BA History degree option will acquire knowledge in American, European, Latin American, African, Asian, Middle Eastern History, and will develop necessary skills of analysis, critical thinking, writing and communication needed to succeed in today's competitive job market.

  • History and Social Studies Education Programs

    In partnership with the School of Education, we offer Education degrees that prepare you with the skills and training for careers in teaching. The full list of Education degree offerings is as follows: the Childhood Education 1-6/Early Childhood Birth-2, Childhood Education/Special Education, Five Year Combined Degree Childhood Education/Special Education, Five Year Combined Degree Childhood/TESOL, Adolescence Education, Adolescence Education/Special Education, Five Year Combined Degree Adolescence/Special Education or the Five Year Combined Degree Adolescence Education/TESOL program requirements, refer to "History and Social Studies Education Program of Study" in the "School of Education and Human Services" section of the catalog.

  • Double Majors with Education Programs

    This double major pathway allows students to graduate with a degree in both History and Adolescent Education in Social Studies giving them excellent alternatives when deciding future careers.

    Adolescence Education programs in Social Studies that may be combined with a History—B.A. program are:

    • Adolescence Education - Social Studies—B.A.
    • Adolescence Education - Social Studies/Special Education—B.A.
    • Adolescence Education - Social Studies/Special Education—B.A./M.S.
    • Adolescence Education - Social Studies/TESOL—B.A./M.S.

Minors Offered

  • History Minor

    The minor in history provides students with a solid foundation in United States and European history (12 credits) with the opportunity to also take electives (6 credits) in areas such as World History. A minor in History would be valuable to students who wish to attend Law School, enter the business world, or become a journalist, political scientist, librarian, or sociologist, among other careers. History students learn how to examine change over time, put major issues into perspective. and to critically read documents, skills which employers and graduate schools highly prize. For more information on the minor requirements click here:

    Molloy University - History Minor

  • Political Science Minor

    The minor in political science provides students with a solid foundation in the political systems of the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  A minor in Political Science would be useful to students interested in earning a law degree, entering the business world, working in the health professions, or becoming an historian, journalist, or social worker, among other careers. Political scientists study how politics and power work, and also critically examine political trends, which are skills that would be beneficial to a variety of employers. For more information on the minor requirements click here:

    Molloy University - Political Science Minor

Student Resources

  • History and Political Science Club

    The History & Political Science Club brings history and politics to life by taking students on field trips to political institutions, museums, etc. Students also get to interact with guest speakers who will lecture on their areas of expertise.

    We look out for as many opportunities as we can find to acquaint Molloy students with their own history and that of their area. Any student with a penchant for the past and an interest in joining us on a trip or at a speaking engagement can sign up to become a member and leave their email address on this page to be notified of upcoming events.

Our Faculty

  • Kirsten Blake, Ph.D.

    Kristen Blake, Professor of History and Political Science, earned her Ph.D. in Inner Asian and Altaic Studies from Harvard University. Her expertise is on US Foreign Policy, International Relations, and Politics of Developing Nations. She has served as Chair of the department and was the recipient of the Faculty Teaching Award and the Distinguished Medal of Service. Courses taught include: Fundamentals of Government, American National Government, Women in Politics, International Relations, Politics of Developing Nations, Comparative Politics I & II, History and Politics of the Middle East, History of China, and History of Russia.

    Email: kblake@molloy.edu

    Phone: 516-323-3826

  • Eric Cimino, Ph.D.

    Eric Cimino, Associate Professor and Chair, Ph.D. (Stony Brook University, SUNY). Professor Cimino is a historian of the Progressive Era United States, with an emphasis on New York City and Social Welfare History. His research has focused on the anti-trafficking efforts of the Travelers' Aid movement in New York City and London. He also has written about disaster relief for Titanic survivors. His current research project is on New York’s experience during the 1918 influenza pandemic. At Molloy, Professor Cimino has taught courses in United States, New York, Chinese, and Indian history, as well as American politics. 

    His research can be read here: https://works.bepress.com/eric-cimino/

    Email: ecimino@molloy.edu

    Phone: 516-323-3831

  • Sheryl Gordon, Ph.D.

    Sheryl Gordon, Visiting Assistant Professor, received her Ph.D. with a major in Modern European History and a minor in Intellectual History from The Graduate Center at CUNY.  My current research focuses on issues relating to WWI, Gender, Transnational Intellectual Thought, Progressivism, and Imperialism. I teach Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, US Since World War II, American Civilization II, American National Government, and Women in America.  I really love how the subjects all connect to each other and by studying any aspect of history you get such a great perspective on life and current events. 

    Email: sgordon@molloy.edu

    Phone: 516-323-3830