Tutoring Services

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Tutoring Services

Molloy University academic tutoring services prepares you for academic success. It provides you with support in two specific ways. Remediation is available when you are below a “C” average in your major course of study and supplemental help is provided when you are passing a course but require reinforcement or clarification in particular aspects of the course work. The tutoring program will assist you – free of charge – in achieving your academic potential in mathematics, science, and modern languages. Assistance in other disciplines is provided according to your individual eligibility.

Assistance and support are provided in a nurturing environment, founded in the belief that you can reach your full academic potential at Molloy University. We are accessible to every student with a need for academic encouragement and support. We will match you with a tutor trained to help you succeed. Our tutors are:

  • Professionals, active or semi-retired teachers or professional certified in the field in which they tutor
  • Graduates, who have their graduate/undergraduate degree
  • Molloy University peers who are students knowledgeable in the subject area

Program Tutees
Tutees fall into two categories; namely, those who need the following kinds of academic assistance:

  • Improvement: Students failing a course or below "C" in a major field
  • Supplemental: Students passing a course but in need of reinforcement or clarification in particular aspects of the course work

Faculty may refer students and are encouraged to do so early in the semester, especially for those students in need of academic help.

Become at Tutor
You can also join the tutoring program as an academic tutor. Tutors are compensated for assisting other students who are having difficulty with their coursework. Tutors create their own tutoring schedule, reinforce their own understanding of the material, enhance their communication and social skills and further develop planning, organizational and managerial skills.

Tutoring Services Policies

  • No fee for this service
  • Students may apply for 1 or 2 hours assistance each week per course
  • Two courses per semester - maximum
  • Standing weekly appointment basis
  • Format: one-to-one or small group sessions

Tutoring Services Procedures

  • Complete application form
  • Obtain a copy of and familiarize yourself with the program directives
  • Contact your tutor(s) to confirm initial appointment

Sign up for a tutoring session.

Contact Information
The Tutoring Services program is located in the Casey Building in Room 012.

Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. from September - June. Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. in July and August.

After hours, documents can be left in the tutoring office mailbox located outside of Casey 012. Academic assistance is provided year-round, including evenings and weekends, provided this is convenient for both tutor and tutee.

Instructions for Tutors: Using TutorTrac and ADP

Tutors use TutorTrac to enter student visits and ADP for entering their own time. Detailed instructions are available below.

  • Instructions for Tutors to Enter a Student Visit in TutorTrac

    TutorTrac is used to log the students’ visits for attendance and payroll purposes.  It is recommended to log students daily but they all need to be logged and Session summary logs must be completed and submitted to the Tutoring Services office by payroll due dates, refer to the Payroll Schedule.

    Use this document for a detailed view of the TutorTrac student visit process: TutorTrac Time Entry with Images (PDF)


    1. After logging on to TutorTrac, open your weekly schedule
    2. Click on the current date at the top of the schedule
    3. Click on the time for the student you are seeing in the Day Summary.
    4. In the Appointment Entry screen click the STATUS drop down and select ATTENDED or EXCUSED
    5. Click the box that says, “Automatically create the visit when the appointment is saved” and save it.

    Please confirm that you are familiar with this process before tutoring starts for the Semester. The attached file provides a detailed view of the TutorTrac student visit process.


  • Entering Time in ADP for Tutors

    View instructions with detailed images at Entering Time in ADP for Tutors (PDF)

    Log in to ADP Workforce Now https://workforcenow.adp.com/

    (You must register using the registration link)

    Go to the “Myself” tab.  Then click on “My Timecard”.

    Do not use “My Time Entry” as that takes the current time stamp.

    Make sure the timecard is for the right pay period and that you are on the timecard tab.

    Enter your “in and out” times using (AM or PM) or use military time for it to calculate properly.  Separate the hours worked for individual and group tutoring.  In the pay code column select either “Individual T” or “Group T”.  You can add a line for the same day by left clicking the 3 lines all the way to the left of the row and selecting “Add Blank Row”.

    Once you save at the bottom, it will calculate properly.

    If you do not have access to ADP please contact adpportaltech@molloy.edu 

    YouTube video on time entry in ADP: https://youtu.be/d0vAqJ0dzdY

Tutoring Services

Kimberly Havens-McVea, Ed.D., Director

Casey Hall, Lower Level, 012

Patricia Rakow, Administrative Assistant

Casey Hall, Lower Level, 012