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The St. Thomas Aquinas Program is a highly selective academic support program for First Year Students. Our primary goal is to assist our students in having a successful and rewarding first year of college. Our namesake is St. Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican friar, theologian, philosopher and the patron saint of Catholic educational establishments and students.

STAP has been supporting students at Molloy for over 30 years with thousands of graduates.  Please explore our page or contact us to learn more about the program. 

How Does It Work?

STAP students are selected at the point of acceptance by the Admissions office.  Once admitted into STAP, our team will begin to guide you through the college process. 

Students enrolled in the STAP program receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout their college journey.  Services provided to STAP students include

  • First Year and Sophomore Pre-Semester meetings

    Counselors meet with students before each semester begins to review updates, celebrate successes and gear up for the semester.

  • Summer Financial Aid workshops

    Workshops about state, federal and institutional financial aid held over the summer. Students and families are encouraged to bring their financial aid packages for assistance in reading and understanding common financial aid terms and scenarios.

  • First Year Success Seminar (STA 0900, 0910)

    All first year STAP students are enrolled in a Success Seminar for the Fall and Spring semesters. This course is designed to assist students in the successful navigation of their academic journey. 

  • Academic Counsel

    Counselors meet with students to discuss academic concerns or issues, assist with course registration, conduct graduation checks, academic progress checks and provide help with major/minor selection.

  • Tutoring and Writing Center

    Counselors meet with students to review academic needs and assist with registration for sessions at the Tutoring Center or with the Writing Center. Tutoring Center and Writing Center sessions are available free of charge to enrolled students.

  • Career Services

    Counselors meet with students to discuss career needs and help them make appointments at the Molloy University Career Center. 

  • Peer Mentoring

    STAP Peer mentors are top performing STAP students who provide comprehensive peer support to incoming STAP students.  The STAP mentors are current undergraduate or graduate students, and co-teach First Year Success Seminars.

  • Referrals

    The STAP office team will always support and provide counsel, including referrals to services available throughout the University – no issue is too large or too small.

First Year Success Seminar

Students in the St. Thomas Aquinas Program (STAP) will take two semesters of First Year Success Seminar.  These are courses designed to assist students with information and support to facilitate a successful transition to Molloy.  Please see below for more information about our First Year Success Seminars.

STA 0900 First Year Success Seminar I

STA 0910 First Year Success Seminar II

STAP Peer Mentors

Each First Year Success Seminar is taught by a STAP Team Member and a peer mentor in the St. Thomas Aquinas Program. STAP Peer Mentors are current Molloy students who have successfully completed at least one year with the St. Thomas Aquinas Program. STAP Peer Mentors are leaders at the college and an integral part of the STAP support system.

Mentors Help Students By:

  • Sharing experiences that aid in the transition to Molloy College.
  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging to the Molloy campus.
  • Serving as an outlet for students to ask questions and share concerns.
  • Encouraging students to get involved on campus.
  • Co-teaching STA 0900 class and delivering a student perspective to material covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of STAP?

    There is no additional tuition or fee cost associated with STAP. 

  • What are the benefits of STAP?

    STAP students receive extensive holistic support from the point of acceptance to graduation.  STAP assists students in developing meaningful connections to students, faculty, staff and administration throughout the academic journey.  Our number one goal is student success. 

  • How are STAP students selected?

    As a highly selective support program, we work with our Admissions office to define requirements for acceptance.  Generally, students who apply to the college, but are just below traditional admissions standards, are considered for the program.  We look for students who have great potential for success.  If you are interested in being considered, please contact us directly. 

  • Am I eligible for extra financial aid in STAP?

    While STAP students do not receive more financial aid than other students, we do provide financial aid guidance and assist students in attempts to maximize financial aid packages and minimize the dependence on student loans. 

  • Are STAP students considered fully matriculated?

    Yes, all STAP students are considered fully matriculated students at the college. 

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