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Faculty Council

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

Faculty Council

The Molloy University Governance Structure legislative body of the University, consists of representatives of the administration, faculty, students, and staff.  This group formulates policy relative to the college community as a whole, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.  All issues affecting the college as a whole come before the Molloy University Governance Structure.  Matters which concern only individual constituencies of the college--faculty or student or administration--are considered by separate specialized bodies.

The Faculty Council is the representative of the teaching faculty of Molloy University. Its purposes are to represent the teaching faculty to the various constituencies of the university, to regulate the internal affairs of the teaching faculty, to provide an efficient system of standing committees, to initiate studies of matters of faculty interest and concern, and to participate in the formation and implementation of major college policies that affect the faculty.  As need arises the Faculty Council may constitute ad hoc committees for the purpose of accomplishing its objectives.  

The Faculty Council consists of the faculty president and six faculty councilors, all of whom must be elected from the full-time faculty.  

2022-2023 Faculty Council

Enrique Martinez-Bogo, President
Daniel Ball
Madeline Craig
Donna Driscoll
Carrie McDermott Goldman
Freida Pemberton
Meryl Rosenblatt
John Tanacredi
Anthony Tolvo

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