Consultations with Instructional Designers

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

The Office of Blended & Online Learning offers faculty one-on-one and group support for designing quality web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses.  Instructional designers take on many different roles to help faculty design quality courses at Molloy. Please email to schedule an individual consultation.

Our instructional designers are experienced educators who are trained in quality course design practices and can help faculty to achieve their vision for the course, using the technology tools at their disposal.

When designing a course from the bottom up, our ID's can introduce you to the Molloy Course Design Model (available through Canvas Commons), which provides standard elements experienced in quality online courses and gives faculty greater control of the navigational experience of their students.


What can Instructional Designers do for you?  Innovate We can help you think outside the box to make your course more interactive. Engage We can work with you to increase student engagement through best practices in course design. Enhance We can assist you in enhancing the quality and accessibility to reach all students. Contact us? Molloy University, Blended and Online Learning