Scotland, 2016

Scotland, 2016

March 16-24, 2016

Scotland has been handing down its traditions for close to a thousand years - since the earliest days of the clans in the 12th century.  Scottish traditions are not sterile under glass and steel in a cold museum.  They are vibrant, living things, constantly growing and evolving and every generation adds a thumbprint of its own particular Scottish culture to the whole. Scots have a worldwide reputation for warmth and friendliness.  They are proud of their nationality but they also have a long tradition of welcoming new people and cultures.  Historically, Scotland has appreciated the benefits of embracing different cultures. Today, Scotland is a richly diverse country with dozens of different cultures living in harmony.  Tolerance, equality of opportunity and social justice are important principles of the Scots.


Full cost - $2700
3 credit cost - $2500
6 credit cost - $2300


ENG 161: Introduction to Poetry and Drama
HIS 315: History of Medieval Europe
BIO 210: History of Biology
BIO 480: Research in Biology
Any two classes in nursing.  Students must have completed Med. Surgery 1 and 2
SAP 290-08: Global Learning in the 21 Century-Scotland.  
This one-credit-class is stronly suggested for all student travelers.

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