Epicenter: Early 20th Century Paris

Honors Learning Community Program: France 2013

Honor's Learning Community: The Modern World: Global Perspectives, Finding Solutions, Service at Home

Program DescriptionThe Molloy College Honors Program traverses all majors and provides students with an academic opportunity that thematically integrates diverse disciplines to demonstrate the interrelatedness between them.

Embedded in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Honors Program focuses on perennial issues that shape the understanding and articulation of human experience throughout the centuries while at the same time underscoring an ever-changing global perspective. To help establish a community, Molloy Honors students enter as a cohort and pride themselves on a shared love of learning, of travelling abroad, and of service at home, all of which are strongly encouraged and supported each semester.  Students are also encouraged to participate in extra-curricular events sponsored by the Center for Social and Ethical Concerns, Experiential Learning, Community Research Institute, Campus Ministries, International Education and the Siena Women's Center.

A description of these Centers and Institutes can be found in the Catalog as well as the Molloy College web site.To culminate the learning experience, students during their last semester in the Honors Program will be placed with a Faculty Mentor and together design a final project that synthesizes the academic and scholarly portion of their courses with the travel and service components of the Program.

The Honors students are given the privilege to share their insights with the Molloy Community and have the option to submit their work to the National Collegiate Honors Council and the northeast Regional Council.