Germany, 2016

Germany, 2016

March 16-24, 2016

Germany has made astonishing contributions to mankind: from the composers Mozart and Wagner, to the birth of expressionist art and Bauhaus architecture, to the economic analysis of Karl Marx. But Germany is also well known for events of the 20th century that had a much darker nature: the World Wars, the Holocaust, the Berlin wall and men with the infamous names of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Josef Mengele. Germany has rebuilt itself in this century and has recovered from its troubled past to be a nation that is a world leader in sustainability and ecology. 

Learn about 20th century Germany: the good, the bad and the ugly.  See how this nation recovered, and why some of these experiences are being repeated today around the world.  The big question is: Did the world learn anything from these catastrophic events?


The cost of this trip $2550
The cost of this trip is $2350 (if you take 3 credits)
The cost of this trip is $2150 (if you take 6 credits)

Costs include:
Round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfast daily and sightseeing.

HIS 336:  History of Modern Germany   
ART 397:  German Expressionism in Art and Film
COR 390:Truth in Melody: The German Zeitgeist in Philosophy and Music
CRJ 361: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Criminal Justice
CRJ 590: International Issues in Justice
TRS 225-03:Theology and the Modern World  
SAP 290-02: Global Learning in the 21st Century
This one-credit-class is strongly suggested for all students who are traveling.

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