Southern Italy Restaurants

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By Termini

Restaurante Mino [Via Magenta 48 / off Via Marsala, I block east of Termini]. Moderately priced with good selection in pleasant environment near the Termini.

Restorante Terme di Diocleziano [Via del Vimanale 3A / by Piazza d. Republica / 06.474.2184] Beautiful restaurant in the ancient Diocletian baths. Deanna Caputo of the 2005 Roman Studies program says that, while this restaurant is a bit pricey, the food and the environment make it a good placed to splurge.

Restorante Fulvimari [Via Amedeo 7h / 06.474.0026] Very affordable mom and pop restaurant with great spaghetti.
Nightlife by the Termini: Students in the 2005 Roman Studies Program report that George Byron Cafe [Via Nazionale 250/Via Firenze 20-21] is a cozy bar with a very pleasant staff.

By Piazza Navona
A variety of moderately priced (though touristy) restaurants are located on the Via S. Aganese in Agone just off the Piazza Navona.

For ice-cream try Tre-Scalini's take out place in the Piazza Navona. Dr. Russo had the tartufo here in 1984 and never forgot the taste sensation. Avoid sitting down at the restaurant unless you want to pay three times the price for your tartufo.

Getting Reasonable Food By the Capitolini Museum
If you happen to find yourself by the area of the Capitolini Museum around lunch-time, avoid museum cafeteria and the restaurants in the area which are overpriced. Instead go to one of the take-out pizza or panini places in the nearby Piazza dell'Ara Coeli and take your food up to the park to the right of the Capitolini Museum for a picnic in a tranquil environment.

Other Recommendations

San Crispino [Via Panetteria/ near the Trevi Fountain] reputedly has the best ice-cream in Rome, although many of the ice cream places near the Fountain are very good. If you are near the Pantheon try Della Palma [Via della Maddalena 20], which has 100 flavors of ice cream.

San Eustachio [Piazza San Eustachio / near the Pantheon] is considered by many to have the best coffee in Rome.



  • Red Lion [Via Marziale 25 / 081.807.3089]. Because it is inexpensive and caters to a young crowd, this was one of the favorite restaurants of the students in the 2005 Roman Studies program.
  • Ristorante "La Favorite" O'Parrucchiano [Corso Italia 71 /] This restaurant was discovered by students in the 2005 Roman Studies program, and, although a bit pricier than the Red Lion, has a more refined atmosphere and a huge selection of good food.
  • Restorante e Pizzeria Giariniello [Via Accademia 7 / off Via Giuliani / 081.878,4616]. Very authentic Sorrento cooking at very reasonable prices, although the ambiance is nothing to write home about. This restaurant was Dr. Russo pick for the best food on the 2005 Roman Studies program.


  • Prices in Sorrento are much less expensive than in Rome, on Capri or anywhere on the Amalfi Coast, so, if you really need to but trinkets, this is the place to do it.
  • Tailor di Luigi D'Errico [Via Giuliani 13 / 081.878.5791] This small shop sells leather gloves, pocket books and ceramics at slightly cheaper prices than some of the larger stores in Sorrento. You can also bargain a bit with the owner over prices.


For Cheap Food in Capri

  • Capri Town is an expensive place to eat. If you want to cut your costs a bit order a sandwich at Salumeria Capri [Via Roma 30 / off Piazza Umberto I] and eat it in the Piazza Umberto.
  • Restaurante Pizzaria Longano [Via Longano 9, Capri]: has pizza and local specialties at moderate prices.
    Spending a Few Hours on Capri.
  • Our program only allots a few hours for Capri and two of those include a visit to Villa Jovis (40 minute walk up a paved road). Those who are unable to make this expedition can spend their time doing one of the following:
    • Hang out in Capri Town. The place is filled with interesting (though expensive) restaurants with great sea views (try Longano da Tarantino at Via Longano, off Piazza Umberto) and numerous trendy stores.
    • Visit the Blue Grotto. Boats leave from the Marina Grande frequently. The entire experience will costs about 20 euros and will eat up most of the time you have on the Island. Students in the 2005 Roman Studies Program who made this expedition, however, thought it was definitely worth the money and the time.
    • Visit Anacapri. This is Capri's second town and has most of the interesting sites (Villa San Michele and St. Michael's Church) You can get there by bus from Capri's Bus Terminal. If you want a great view of the Island you can ride a chair-lift from Anacapri to the 1,900 foot summit of Monte Solaro for about 6 euros roundtrip)


Food in Amalfi

  • Il Tari [Via Pietro Capuano 9-11, Amalfi / becomes Via Cavour / 089.871.832]. Students in the 2005 Roman Studies Program raved about the mussels and the spaghetti in this restaurant.
  • There a several cheap pizza places in the town of Amalfi, where you can get a filling lunch for only a few euros. Avoid the places by the water, which are expensive and touristy.
  • A Note on Positano
    Because our tour bus is not able to enter the town of Positano, you will have to climb stairs down into the town and beach (30 minutes of rigorous walking which can be hard on the knees). Buses do the return trip from the town's main "square" or you can share a cab for about 10-12 euros (4 people at 3 euros each).