Calling from US:
011 + 44 + local number [leave off first "0"]

Train Travel:
The train system has been privatized in England and generally stinks. Be sure to make a free seat reservation on trains you plan to take well in advance of your trip or you may have trouble finding a seat. If you are planning to travel extensively around Britain, Scotland and/or Wales your best bet is to purchase a Britrail Flexipass, which gives you 4,8, or 12 days of travel within a two month period. To find out more information about the pass call 212-575-2542.

Bus Travel:
If you want to save money traveling throughout England consider going by bus, since prices are about half those of train travel. National Express offers a Discount Coachcard and Tourist Trail Pass for even better deals on bus travel. Call 540-298-2332 for more information

Air Travel within Britain and Europe:
Check out Ryan Air and Virgin Express for some very good deals.

Train Tickets for England and Britrail Passes can be purchased in the United States at Rail Europe.