Iper (Ypres)


  • Most of Iper's cafe's and restaurants are located around the Grote Markt and are all reasonably priced.


  • Although the city was destroyed by prolonged bombardment during WW I, most of its important medieval buildings have been restored.
  • From the train station, walk straight down Gustave de Stuersstraat to the Grote Markt. In the center of the Grote Mark is the restored 13th century Lakenhalle (Cloth Hall). To orient yourself, go straight to the Tourist Office, which is located in the Lakenhalle. Also in the Lakenhalle is the In Flanders Fields Museum, which is definitely worth a visit.
  • On the north side of the Lakenhalle is St. Maarten's Cathedral, a copy of the original 13th century Cathedral that stood on the same site.
  • From the Grote Markt walk along Meensestraat to the Menin Gate, a WW I memorial. The original ramparts of the city survived both wars and you reach them by stairs at the Menin Gate.
  • To see the last remaining trenches in the area, you have to go to Sanctuary Wood (Stop into the chaotic WW I museum there for a truly mind-blowing experience). Up the hill from the trenches is the Canadian Monument on Hill 62. To get to the trenches, your best bet is to have the tourist office call a cab for you and arrange a time to be picked up again.

Getting There by Train:

  • To get to Iper by train you have to change in Kortrijk