• The restaurants in the Grote Markt are overpriced and very touristy. Instead try one of the cafes in the Eier Markt, which is located just behind the Grote Markt. This is also a decent spot to enjoy a beer if you happen to be in Brugge in the evening.
  • For a quick bite, buy fries with mayonnaise at the frituur under the Belfry in the Market Square.

This is the standard Molloy tour of Brugge:

  • Start with Minnewater, a charming canal only a few minutes from the train station.
  • From Minnewater walk to the Begjinhof, which is now occupied by an order of Benedictine nuns. From there go to the Church of Our Lady, which houses a Madonna and Child by Michelangelo.
  • In the Market Square (Markt) you will find the 14th century Belfry, which you should climb for a delightful view of Brugge.
  • East of the Market Square is the Burg Square, which is surrounded by beautiful Gothic, Romanesque Renaissance and Baroque buildings. The most important to visit is the Basilica of the Holy Blood (the lower chapel is Romanesque while the upper is Gothic).
  • For a picturesque view of Brugge, walk two blocks south of the Market Square (along Wollestraat behind the Belfry) to Dijverstraat. The area along the river is a charming spot to relax if your feet are tired from climbing up so many stairs.
  • Along Dijverstraat you will also be able to take a boat tour of the city, which is well worth the price.


  • Across the street from the entrance of the Church of Our Lady is St. Jan's Hospital and the Memling Museum, both of which are well worth the single price of admission.
  • If you have time for another museum, you should definitely check out the Groeninge Museum, which is located at Dijver 12 and which houses one of the finest collections of Flemish Primitives in Europe (rooms 1-7).
  • For a less intellectual experience take the Straffe Hendrik Brewery Tour. The brewery is located at #26 Walplein (2 blocks south of the Memling Museum, off Katelijnestraat). Be forewarned, however, that the tour involves climbing numerous steps, and is therefore not recommended for the unfit.