1. Calling from US: 011-32-local number [leave off the first "0" from the local number].
  2. Train Travel: In recent years the trains in Belgium have not been quite as reliable as they used to be. Expect some delays when traveling. If you are limiting your travel to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands consider purchasing a Benelux Pass [1.800.438.7245]. If you are just traveling in Belgium get either a rail pass - for those over 26 - or a go-pass, for those under 26, both of which give travelers 10 train trips anywhere in Belgium at a fairly good price. You can also use these passes when traveling from within Belgium to other countries and save much money. You can buy your tickets from the border of Belgium to cities such as Maastrict, Delft, Amsterdam, Paris and Koln and Koblenz (the Rhine Valley), using your go-or rail pass within Belgium.
  3. Safety Issues: Exercise caution when traveling on trains when loaded down with baggage, since pick-pocketing does occasionally occur even in a country as safe as Belgium. Otherwise, even the larger cities in the country are much safer than cities in the US.
  4. Before You Travel: The Belgian Tourist Office is located at 780 3rd Ave, Suite 1501, New York, New York 10017, tel: 212.758.8130 / fax: 212.355.7675. Contact them to find out about events being held in Belgium during your visit.
  5. Flying to Belgium: Since Belgium's national airline, Sabena, has closed down, there are fewer direct flights to Belgium. Delta continues to offer a daily direct flight, but cheaper flights may be found if you are willing to change planes in London (British Airways)). To find out what your options are try checking first at Students should try STA. A final option for those planning to spend only a short amount of time in Belgium is to fly as a currier. The problem with this option is that you are only allowed to bring one piece of carry-on luggage with you. For more information contact Now Voyager, 74 Varick St, Suite 307, New York, N. Y. 10013 / tel: 212.431.1616.
  6. Arriving at Brussels National Airport: Trains depart for Brussels three main stations from the lower level of the airport. To get to Leuven or Antwerp change at Brussels North.
  7. Air Travel within England and Europe: Both Ryan Air and Virgin Express depart from Brussels and offer very good deals to select cities.