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Honors Program_2019Established in 2001, the Molloy University Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and the Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC). As part of the Molloy Honors Program, students have the opportunity to be involved with both organizations. For more information on scholarships, fellowships, paper submissions and presentations you can go to the NCHC and NRHC websites.

Are the Honors courses more work?

Honors classes by design are challenging as students explore material beyond the regular classroom experience. The integrative nature of the Honors courses that provide students with a high level of exposure and competency. All classes in the Honors Program fulfill General Education requirements.

What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?

The benefits of the Honors Program are multifaceted. Students form strong connections with other Honors students and faculty, benefit from the small classes, form camaraderie during trips, and academically challenge themselves beyond coursework covered in the classroom.

Will my AP courses from high school count?

AP courses and/or High School College courses will be accepted  and may be used in lieu of certain  General Education Requirements with a score of Three (3) or higher.  They can only be used to fulfill the major requirements, minor requirements or calculated as elective credits. However, AP or High School College courses will not be accepted in lieu of Honors classes because of the thematic nature of the curriculum.

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Can I apply to the Program in my sophomore or junior year?

No. The Molloy University Honors program is open only to incoming freshmen who have been invited to apply to the program.  Acceptance to the Honors Program is based upon superior academic achievement, application essay and personal interview. Molloy prides itself on students learning from one another and being a part of a consistent cohort.

Can any major apply?

Yes. The Molloy University Honors program is open to all majors.

Are there other benefits?

  • International travel experience / Salzburg Global Seminar
  • Domestic cultural enrichment / concerts, operas, museums
  • Scholarship and presentation opportunities through the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference and the Northeast Regional Honors Council
  • Students may take up to 18 credits for full-time tuition which is equivalent to 1 free 3 credit class per semester allowing for flexibility in pursuing a Minor, a second Major, or elective credits as part of international travel.  Accounting majors consider using these extra credits towards the completion of the one hundred fifty hours required for the CPA certification. 

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