Honors Program Student Advisory Council

The Honors Program Student Advisory Council consists of two student representatives from each cohort who serve as a liaison between Honors Students and the Honors Director and Faculty. The Council has an active voice in making recommendations for program development, program changes, social activities and fund-raising events.  The Advisory Council also provides assistance for students with academic questions regarding the Honors Program, attends Open House, Accepted Student Day, Informational Sessions and is invited to attend the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference held every November.  The Advisory Council represents the student point of view at meetings of the Honors faculty.


Anika Chowdhury

Anika Chowdhury
        My name is Anika Chowdhury, and I am a rising senior at Molloy College. I'm a biology major on the pre-professional track here with hopes of becoming a Physician's Assistant. I commute from West Babylon, and I'm a part time medical scribe at PM Pediatrics. I also have two minors in Chemistry and English. I'm in the Honors Program and I am a representative on the Honors Advisory Council. The Honors Program has been the most enriching aspect of my time here. I have been able to take courses due to the Honors Program that have broadened my horizons, and made me all around more open minded. I did the study abroad trip to Salzburg and Vienna, Austria in 2017, and was able to explore this idea of being a 'Global Citizen.' I also attended the National Collegiate Honors Conference in 2018 and gained insight as to how other Honors Programs are run world wide. In addition, I am Student Body Vice President on Molloy Student Government, I am an Orientation Leader, and I'm a Student Ambassador. I am so thankful for the opportunities Molloy has given me.
Shannon Ward Hi! My name is Shannon Ward and I'm a junior Psychology major. I am both a member of the Honors Advisory Council and the current work study assistant for the Honors Program. Additionally, I am the president of SPECTRUM (LGBTQIA+) and a Student Ambassador at Molloy. I would like to utilize my degree in Psychology in in order pursue a career in mental health counseling.

Shannon Ward
Briana Stephenson My name is Briana Stephenson, and I am a sophomore Marketing major at Molloy. I attended St. Agnes Academic HS in College Point, Queens, and I commute from Whitestone. I am in both the Business Honors Program and the Liberal Arts Program, and I just attended the Global Citizenship Conference in Salzburg, Austria. I am an active member of Molloy Student Government, as I was the Freshman Class President and now am the Sophomore Class President. I am also a Student Ambassador and a Business Ambassador, as well as a Molloy Insider and an Orientation Leader. When I am not at school, I am working on reviewing articles for the Northeast Regional Honors Council's Student Journal, Illuminate, which I named. 
Briana Stephenson

Mary Kate Cassidy My name is Mary Kate Cassidy and I am a sophomore Accounting Major. I attended Sacred Hearth Academy. I am the Tresureer of Business and Accounting club, a member of the Dominican Young Adults and I am a Business Ambassador. I have been interning at a local tax accounting firm, Silverstien & Company since March 2017 and I am currently still there.

Mary Kate Cassidy
Anika Chowdhury My name is Anna LaSala and I went to Plainedge High School in North Massapequa. I am currently a sophomore accounting major. I am in the Liberal Honors and Business Honors Program at Molloy. On campus, I am involved in the Business and Accounting Club as well as a Business Ambassador. Recently, I was a part of the New Student Orientation Team as a Orientation Leader. Currently, I am interning at a local accounting firm, Ambrosio & Bellotti.
Anna LaSala
Emily Claire McGovern My name is Mary Andrews and I am a junior nursing major. Apart from the Honors Advisory Council, I have served on Molloy Student Government, the Philanthropy Council, the Nursing Student Association of New York State, and have been a peer mentor. I have found my time in the honors program to be one of the most enriching experiences of my life, and I am honored and inspired to be part of the Honors Advisory Council.
Mary Andrews
Brian Spickerman My name is Brian Spickerman and I am a senior Sociology and History major with plans to pursue a doctorate in History. I am the student representative for the Sociology program and am excited to serve you all as a member of the Honors Advisory Council.

Brian Spickerman
Jamie Alter_2019 My name is Jamie Alter and I am a sophomore nursing student that is driven to succeed. At Molloy, I am involved in student government, student ambassadors, orientation team, Molloy Nursing Student Association and of course the Honors program! At my home in Massapequa Park, NY, I have 7 siblings and 4 dogs. I love to travel, play board games, and learn new things!
Jamie Alter
DanaHartmann_2019 My name is Dana Hartmann and I am a junior at Molloy College! I am an adolescent English education/TESOL major with a minor in theology and religious studies. In the future, I hope to work as a high school English teacher/adjunct college professor, with the long term goal of becoming a fully tenured college professor for the English and religious studies departments. I attended the trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2018, where I delivered a speech on the state of human rights in America and around the world at the University of Mostar. I also attended the trip to Salzburg/Vienna, Austria in 2019, and am currently taking an online Harvard course to expand my knowledge of international humanitarian law and human rights. Aside from my work with the Honors Program Student Advisory Council, I am the new secretary for Molloy's American Sign Language club, and I am the current President of Sigma Tau Delta, Molloy's English honors society, in the next month or so.
Dana Hartmann
BenjaminHonigsfeld_2019 I am a senior currently enrolled in the Pre-Med track for Biology here at Molloy. I have been involved with the Honors Program since freshman year, and I deeply enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Global Citizenship Alliance in Salzburg, Austria .I am currently preparing for medical school and volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician at my local ambulance company. After my time at Molloy, I hope to uphold the values of a Global Citizen in my future work as a surgeon.

Benjamin Honigsfeld