Honors Program Admission Requirements

There are two Honors Program Information Sessions scheduled, one on Saturday, December 9th,  2017 and another on Saturday, February 3th , 2018, from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. These sessions will be held in the Larini Multipurpose Room located on the 2nd floor of the Public Square Building. Please contact Deirdre McGovern at dmcgovern@molloy.edu or 516.323.3020 to reserve your spot; a light breakfast will be served. Parents and guardians are welcome. We hope to see you there.

The Molloy College Honors Program uses a holistic admissions process. We weigh all the elements of your application, including G.P.A., ACT, SAT and of course Service. The most important component of the process is your essay and personal interview. For more information on the Honors application and essay requirements please go to the Molloy College website and click on Academics, then Honors Program http://www.molloy.edu/academics/honors-program.  The application can be found on this webpage; the password was provided to you privately.

Prof. Daniel McGann, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of the Honors Program can be reached at 516.323.3017 to discuss this opportunity further.

Essay requirement

Essay topics/pick one

A 500-word essay directed to Professor Daniel McGann, Honors Program Director addressing one of the topics below: The essay should be sent to Honors@molloy.edu prior to your scheduled interview.

When submitting your essay online as part of the Honors Application, please proof your essay in a separate word-processing program before you are ready to upload it. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself to us and demonstrate what qualities you would contribute to the Honors Program.

  • Community service and/or civic engagement can be a valuable and rewarding part of one's undergraduate experience. If you were to devote a year of service to a specific project, what would it be and what would you hope to achieve?
  • Why do you want to be a part of the Molloy College Honors Program? What difference(s) do you feel this interdisciplinary program will have on your undergraduate experience as well as your major?
  • what does Global Citizenship mean to you?