About the Process Leading to the NHRC

The Honors Capstone project is a culmination of everything learned over four years within the Honors Program curriculum. Capstone presentations are submitted each year to the NHRC (Northeast Honors Regional Conference). Since 2014 over sixty Molloy Honors Students have been selected to present at the Northeast Regional Honors Conference.

During the Capstone Seminar, students choose a topic that they identify as being a specific global issue and then use the skills and knowledge learned throughout the Honors Program courses in order to assess the issue and propose solutions to these global issues that seem nearly impossible to answer.

Essentially, students choose their topic, research that topic, and then brainstorm realistic solutions they believe the world can achieve in order to contribute to a resolution of these issues. All solutions are supported with research relating to the chosen topic.

The Honors Capstone Seminar takes place in the senior year and are small classes with a mentor who is able to guide students throughout the process. The mentors allow a lot of freedom in student selection of the project so it fits their unique interests and passions. Students can work in small groups or independently but their mentor remains available to offer support and listen to ideas.


 nhrc coping w stress group photo

Northeast Honors Regional Conference

"Coping with Stress" Group Photo