Summer Academies

Through these unique and exciting program opportunities, you'll participate in INTERACTIVE DISCUSSIONS, hear from GUEST SPEAKERS, and engage in HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES with our faculty and student ambassadors. Enjoy socializing and NETWORKING with your fellow classmates during FUN-FILLED campus events. OUR ACADEMIES are open to high school students entering their junior or senior year. Each academy is $75.

All academies besides Sciences of Coronavirus (Hybrid) are scheduled to be FULLY in-person at this point in time but are subject to be moved online/virtually if need be.

2021 Summer Academies

DATES: Monday, July 19 - Thursday July 22: 9:00 am-3:00 pm each day

Arts in Action 
Musicians, visual artists, actors, media creators, and writers have always played a role in advancing social and cultural change. During this weeklong program, artists of all disciplines will work together and learn how to channel their talents towards real world activism. We will hear from guest artists and activists who are currently using their work to impact our world. Students will collaborate on a final multimedia project and that will be recorded and made available online. If you have a passion for the arts and an interest in social justice, this program is for you. Open to artists, digital media creators, musicians, singers, actors, writers, and anyone who wants to learn how to use their talents for the greater good.

Our Coastal Catharsis: Understanding Environmental Science on Long Island
We call it Long ISLAND for a reason: we are not only surrounded by water, we are also dependent on its ecological health. This track will delve into the exciting and intricate world of coastal science: understanding water quality, geomorphology, natural resources management of shellfish to finfish, meteorology, and the particulars of inventory and monitoring of various forms sea life. This track is perfect for students who want to explore what a career in environmental science and/or marine biology is all about. We will use the resources and facilities of Molloy College's renowned Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Ocean Monitoring (CERCOM). The week will include an off‐site trip to Fire Island National Seashore provided by boat from CERCOM. This is learning by doing in the realm of environmental science at its finest!

Gaming and Video Storytelling for the Web (Hybrid)
Game Studies is an emergent field that combines theoretical knowledge of gaming practices with video game production. Video Storytelling for the Web combines agile film technologies (GoPro, DJI Mini, DSLR Cameras, etc.) with simple coding skills to make dynamic web‐first media. This track will combine the two for an exciting and interesting week highlighting our Digital Humanities and New Media program at Molloy College. We will give students the opportunity to critically play video games and learn analytic frameworks for their study as both media artifacts and creative outlets. Students will learn beginner‐friendly game design programs such as Twine, RPG Maker, and GameMaker as well as non‐digital game design and avant garde methods. Students will also leave with Youtube content, images, and .gifs, all of their own creation. 2 days will be in-person on our campus here at Molloy and 2 days will be held virtually.

Global Citizenship
The Summer Academy on Global Citizenship at Molloy College is a comprehensive pre‐college program that teaches students the importance of what it means to be a global citizen in today's society. The program asks students to critically engage with faculty and other students around those pertinent questions regarding world order and current state of affairs. Lectures and small group seminars are intended to address the broad issues of global citizenship from specific disciplinary and cross‐disciplinary perspectives. Students will grapple with questions as: What does globalization mean for our economic, political, cultural and social realities? What are our civic responsibilities? What does it mean to be a Global Citizen? With changing narratives on issues on migration, human rights, sustainable development, the environment and refugees, the academy exposes the idea of cosmopolitanism in a way that allows students to develop the knowledge and commitment to attach their own meaning to "think globally, act locally".

Jazz it up! The Molloy College Jazz Clinic

Attention Musicians! Spend a week developing skills in improvisation, arranging, and performing with acclaimed trombonist and composer John Yao and guest artists. The Intensive Jazz Clinic at Molloy College will provide students with the opportunity to work with established artists in the field and collaborate with like-minded young artists. Students will create original arrangements that will be work-shopped and performed by the student ensemble. Participants will work in the Molloy College Computer labs creating scores and arrangements, while being supervised by our experienced faculty. Students will have daily sessions in an improvisation lab, where they will learn to develop their skills for jazz solos and improvisation. Students will learn to work with scales and follow harmonic changes as they structure their solos. The students will end the day with ensemble practice and jam sessions led by the master artists. Students will do a final performance, where they will showcase their works and the skills learned. The performance will be recorded and made available to students.

Public Relations and Events Planning 
Learn Public Relations and Events Planning step by step through real-world experiences in four imagination-filled days. Explore what it takes to create a successful event from the idea stage through to the very end of goodbye and evaluation.
Whether it is a private party, school fundraiser or fun run, you will learn how to create an enticing invite, how to tackle a budget, how to approach an invite list, and how to interest your main influencers/media to post about the event along with writing an online press release. The workshop will feature a combination of lively presentations, Q&A opportunities with guest speakers, a group project and personal exploration into how to develop your ideas into the best event of 2021. You will have a chance to work as a team, present your ideas to your peers and leave with event plans you can use in your professional portfolio.

Explore Computing with Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that connects to a monitor or TV. This little device can be used to understand the fundamentals of computer science. Students will learn the details about what Raspberry Pi is, how to do write programs (such as Python and Scratch) for it, how to interact with a web server, how to build simple circuits that can be controlled via Raspberry Pi, and how to build electronic projects such as a binary clock with LEDs.

The Sciences of Coronavirus (HYBRID)

The emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has offered the world a crash course in modern epidemiology, starting with lessons in case detection and exponential growth. It has also reminded scientists of the challenges of communicating effectively during uncertainty. The current pandemic will rewrite modern day history, and the new virus is following rules common to other pathogens. Principles derived from influenza virus infections and other infectious diseases offer confidence for two predictions: SARS-CoV-2 is probably here to stay, and the high transmission rate will continue to force a choice between widespread infection and social disruption, at least until a vaccine is available. This pandemic presents a broader opportunity to interrogate how to manage pathogens. This workshop offered unique insights into the science of the virus, how to communicate effectively to the public, and how to analyze the data as it emerges hot off the lab bench.

Scriptwriting for Television
Do you want to learn how to write a script for a television sitcom or drama? If so, this track is perfect for you. We will teach you the format of scriptwriting, including writing for characters, action, and dialogue- all in one week! Students will have the opportunity to write their scripts using professional pre-production software. We will engage you in media literacy discussions and script analysis directed by our expert faculty and guest speakers. This workshop will cover the beginning steps for a career in screenwriting - so let's get started!

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