Neurodiverse Summer Bootcamp Application

If you are a high school junior or senior, identify as neuro-diverse, or experience socialization barriers and are preparing for college, we are here to assist YOU!

We encourage you to apply if you:

  • Identify as neurodiverse or have an identified weakness in socialization skills.
  • Have met or will meet college readiness goals by June 2023.
  • Are interested in earning college credit in intercultural communication while building skill.
  • Are interested in working with our mentoring and professional team in enhancing organizational skills.
  • Are interested in becoming a strong self-advocate.


One reference letter is required from a member of your current high school faculty (e.g. teacher, guidance counselor, etc.), who can speak to your college readiness and utilization of academic supports. Letters should be submitted directly to

Please submit a personal statement in written, video or audio format. Your personal statement should include 2 goals you hope to achieve while attending this summer program.