Success Rates and Program Outcomes

Success Rates

Our accrediting body, CACREP, requires us to post annually: (1) the number of graduates for the past academic year, (2) pass rates on credentialing examinations, (3) completion rates, and (4) job placement rates.


Number of Graduates

Pass Rates on
Credentialing Exams

Completion Rates

Job Placement Rates

38 91% 87% 68% of our contributing alumni have obtained work in a counseling-related position, with 65% of our contributing alumni being hired in a counseling-related position within 1 year


Program Outcomes

Student Satisfaction Student Preparedness Student Opinion
100% of our contributing alumni rated the program as either satisfactory or excellent 96.5% of our contributing alumni rated themselves as prepared or sufficiently prepared by the Molloy CMHC program across multiple domains and duties of counseling practice 100% of our contributing alumni would recommend this CMHC program to prospective graduate students


Response Rate

The Molloy College CMHC alumni responses rate is 84%.


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