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Laura B. Kestemberg, Ph.D.

Welcome From The CMHC Program

Dear Incoming Graduate Counseling Student:
We want to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome from the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) Program at Molloy University!

Becoming a professional in clinical mental health counseling is an exciting and rewarding experience. Clinical Mental Health Counselors work in a variety of settings, such as clinics, hospitals, universities, and private practice offices, and are able to help people by using a variety of interventions, including individual and group counseling. In today's world, people are seeking counseling services more than ever, making clinical mental health counseling a sought-after profession.

As a graduate student in our program, you will take thought-provoking and experiential classes, and be placed at clinical sites early on during your graduate training, allowing you to become a proficient student counselor with a wide range of populations. As a counselor-in-training at Molloy University, you will become experienced in the latest evidence-based counseling theories and research, and become skilled in working in a variety of clinical settings. We will help prepare you to be on the cutting edge of the counseling profession. Our current students are presenting at state-wide and national counseling conferences and are placed in the most competitive clinical settings in the New York area. We work closely with our students and get to know each one very well. We implement a successful mentorship model that encourages all of our graduate students to reach their full potential.

CACREP Accredited ProgramBy enrolling in our program, you will learn the most effective techniques in both individual and group counseling therapy, and work in varied settings with diverse populations so that you can help maximize the potential and quality of people's lives. We challenge and encourage you to reflect on your own beliefs and value systems as you study and internalize the many different theories and methods that have been developed to aid those who are in distress.

We are confident that you will find that our CACREP accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling master's program at Molloy University will prepare you in the best possible way for your future as a professional counselor. We invite you to visit our department, meet with our faculty and students, and come speak with us about any of your questions regarding the program or the profession of mental health counseling.

We are proud to stand behind our CMHC's Department's motto:

"Mentoring Compassionate Counselors For Our Communities."  

On behalf of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling department,  

Tyce Nadrich, PhD, LMHC, ACS, NCC
Assistant Professor, Program Director, and Associate Dean
Department of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing an excellent educational experience, the CMHC department engages in an annual review process. Here is our Annual Departmental Review Summary for Winter 2021. (PDF)

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