Candice R. Crawford, Ph.D., LMHC

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    I love teaching at Molloy for its sense of togetherness. Since my start here at Molloy in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, I have enjoyed getting to know students and colleagues on a more individual level. Compared to larger institutions, students and faculty alike are not seen as "numbers." Rather, we're given space to be ourselves and be heard. I enjoy the size of the college and program, as it allows for the students to adequately develop their counselor identity by connecting with faculty whenever they need. Molloy is committed to the success of their students and the graduates of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program are a reflection of that success.

  • Academic Interests

    As a counselor educator, my interests are piqued by the exploration of multicultural competence in counseling and counseling supervision. I am interested in how cultural factors influence counseling and supervision dynamics. I have explored racial/cultural dynamics in counseling and supervision, spirituality in supervision, and microggressions in cross-racial adoption. Further, I am interested in the experiences of counselor educators of color.

  • What I am working on

    Currently, I'm working on exploring the cross-racial experiences in supervision. Also, I'm exploring how multilingualism impacts self-esteem.

  • Educational Philosophy

    Life-long learning is key for students and faculty. We can continue to build on our knowledge base at every stage of our lives. Our Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is offered at night and we have a diverse student body with graduate students ranging across the lifespan. It is important to be curious about your students, your clients and your patients and their cultures and learn from them. I strive to instill in my students critical thinking skills and curiosity about the counseling theories and skills they are learning.

  • Educational Background
    • B.A. Florida State University
    • M.A. New York University
    • Ph.D. Montclair State University
  • Additional Information

    Deciding to pursue a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is no easy feat. As a student of this program, you must be prepared to make a difference in the lives of individuals, but also recognize that there might be a lot of personal change, as well. Further, I believe that this program is designed for individuals who are actively seeking to make a difference in our society as a whole. If you are looking to impart change on micro and macro levels, then this program will help you effectively do so.