CMHC New Student Orientation Handbook

The handbook (PDF) covers the CMHC program mission and objectives, information about professional organizations , expectations of students and academic policies. CMHC programs are subject to being updated as necessary to meet education and licensing requirements of NYSED and to be eligible and maintain regional and national accreditations. It will be the CMHC student's responsibility to adhere to the information in the CMHC Handbook as it is updated during the student's course of study. For the final word on any questions or concern about the program, the Director of the CMHC Program should always be consulted.


Mental Health Counseling By the Numbers


States offering licensure to

practice privately


Practicing, independent, mental health

counselors in the U.S.


Projected job growth over the next

8 years


Certified, licensed and practicing mental

health professionals in N.Y.

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