CMHC Program Objectives and Outcomes

We encourage our students to be social activists, pursuing justice, protecting individual rights and demanding fair treatment for all people, regardless of race, sex, religion, or political persuasion.  Social injustice and discrimination lie at the root of many of the ills of society. Greater respect for human rights and the ethical treatment of humans would ultimately improve our society's overall mental health.

The educational and career objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Provide students with an excellent academic and training experience in our clinical mental health counseling Master's program that meets all CACREP accreditation requirements
  • Prepare students to meet the requirements for New York State Licensure as clinical mental health counselors
  • Assist students in identifying the best possible careers within the field of clinical mental health counseling, to help them achieve appropriate vocational placements
  • Encourage students to develop effective advocacy skills in working with prospective clients, enabling them to seek and obtain related services that will improve favorable outcomes for those clients
  • Help students develop networking skills to improve their effectiveness in working within organizations providing mental health services and with organizations utilizing mental health services
  • Encourage students to do research in clinical mental health counseling and to publish their findings in professional journals
  • Encourage students to advance the field of clinical mental health counseling by participating in the publication of books, articles, and other professional sources
  • Assist students in developing effective public speaking skills in order to interact with and influence their communities in matters related to mental health and the public good
  • Help students to function as effective advocates of legislative prerogatives favoring improvements in areas of mental health needs and services
  • Provide instruction and assistance to graduates in developing successful individual or group practice initiatives
  • Encourage graduates to join professional organizations and become active and productive members of those societies

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