Clinical Clearance Information for Graduate and DNP Students

In addition to other clinical clearance requirements, graduate nursing students must complete a drug test and initial background check through the program's approved vendor, prior to participating in clinical learning experiences. Clearance requirements vary by clinical site and are subject to change at any time. Students are responsible for all costs associated with the drug test and background check, along with all other clinical clearance procedures. Students entering the clinical sequence of the graduate nursing program curriculum will be informed as to the timeline and deadline for completion of all clinical clearance requirements.

Students must be aware that clinical placement sites reserve the right to deny, in their sole discretion, a student's clinical placement based upon the results of the background check, drug screening, noncompliance with safety or vaccination requirements, or other site-specific requirements. Procedures related to clearance for clinical experiences are documented in the Graduate Nursing Student program handbooks . The Molloy University Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing and Health Sciences ("The School") is not responsible for the clinical ineligibility of any graduate student for any reason, including but not limited to whether a history of conviction, potential drug use, or other circumstances which were disclosed to the School of the College prior to the student's matriculation. If a student's clinical placement at a clinical site is denied, the School does not guarantee the availability of an alternative clinical placement. The School or College is under no obligation to affirmatively seek out additional clinical placement sites that may be willing to accept a student who has been denied a clinical placement. If a student cannot be placed in an established clinical placement for any reason, including, but not limited to, a failed background check or a positive drug test, or other finding, he/she will not be able to complete the nursing program and will therefore be removed and dismissed from the nursing program.

Health care workers, including graduate nursing students may care for patients with communicable diseases. Students are required to use appropriate PPE and to engage in all other appropriate infection control measures, including those specifically prescribed by the clinical site. Nurses have an ethical obligation to care for all patients; this obligation extends to student nurses as well. Nurses, including graduate student nurses, will not discriminate against any individual based on the perception that the individual is suspected of having an infectious or communicable disease. Students assigned to a hospital unit specialized to care for infectious patients are expected to remain on the unit and complete their clinical assignments.


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