Graduate Courses

Mus 505 Music Therapy Foundations and LAB
Mus 506 Music Therapy Treatment Planning and LAB
Mus 507 Psychopathology and Music Therapy
Mus 508 Clinical Practicum 1
Mus 509 Clinical Practicum 2
Mus 520 Internship 1
Mus 521 Internship 2
Mus 525A Clinical Piano Improvisation 1
Mus 525B Clinical Guitar Improvisation 1
Mus 526A Clinical Piano Improvisation 2
Mus 526B Clinical Guitar Improvisation 2
Mus 527 Survey of World Music
Mus 528 Intro to Guided Imagery and Music
Mus 529 Basic Theories of Psychotherapy and their Relationship to Music Therapy
Mus 531 Foundations of Music Therapy Groups
Mus 532 Music and Medicine: Music Psychotherapy in Healthcare Communities
Mus 533 Professional Ethics in Music Therapy
Mus 534 Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Mus 535 Advanced Clinical Supervision
Mus 546 Vocal and Verbal Techniques in Music Therapy
Mus 550 Thesis Topics
Mus 551 Thesis Proposal
Mus 552 Thesis Research
Psy 505 Advanced Survey of Developmental Psychology

Total 60 credits.
Students with a Bachelor's degree in music therapy may be eligible for a 48-credit program.