Dual Initial Certification Birth to Grade 2

Birth-Grade 2/Childhood Grades 1-6
Dual  Initial Certification
New York State Registered Program Code: 32801
Hegis Code: 0808


Required  courses (39 credits)
Birth-Grade 2/Childhood Grades 1-6

Dual Initial Certification

Course Number Description                                                                                                          
 EDU502 Theoretical Foundations and Teaching Practices of Regular and Special Education for Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6, Adolescence 7-12  3
 EDU503 Science Curriculum and Methods for Diverse Learners Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6  3
 EDU504 Interdisciplinary Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 and Middle Childhood Teaching Methods for Diverse Learners  
 EDU505 Advanced Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Early Childhood, Childhood and Middle Childhood Classrooms  3
 EDU506A  (6 cr.) Integrated Language Arts and Reading for the Inclusive Classroom of Diverse Learners in Early Childhood and Childhood Settings  6
 EDU509 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 in Inclusive Classrooms  
 EDU513 Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Students in Inclusive Classrooms in Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6, Adolescence 7-12  
 *EDU521 Technology for Inclusive Classroom Teachers Birth-2, Childhood 1-6, Adolescence 7-12  3
 or    or
 **EDU522 Advanced Design Technology for Inclusive Classroom Teachers  3
 EDU526 Current Issues in Early Childhood Education Birth-Grade 2: Assessment of Progress, Relationships, Families, Legal and Community Issues  3
EDU537 Diverse Abilities and Needs of Students in Inclusive Classrooms Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-12  3
 EDU500    (0 cr)  Apprentice Field Experience in Early Childhood/Childhood Inclusive Classrooms  0
 EDU550E (0 cr.)  Pre-Professional Early Childhood/Childhood Field Experience, Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten,Gardes 1-2 (60 hrs)  0
 EDU551E  Student Teaching Early Childhood: Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten,  (20 days) Childhood Grades 1-2 (20 days)  3
 ED552A  Student Teaching Childhood (Grades 4-6) (20 days)  3
EDU553A   (0 cr)  Student Teaching Seminar -Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) and Childhood 1-6  0

A total of 100 hours of observation/participation in a field school are required prior to beginning student teaching.

*Designed for candidates who have classroom teaching experience and are knowledgeable in technology.