Graduate Criminal Justice

The time is right to pursue a graduate degree in criminal justice and Molloy University is the right place for you. Since 9/11, there is a high demand for criminal justice majors who have an understanding of the criminal system and the minds of criminals. Earning your graduate degree will help advance your current career and enable entry into higher level positions. Currently, many criminal justice agencies require an advanced degree. As a graduate of the Molloy University Criminal Justice M.S. program, you will qualify for higher-level positions and stand out as a leader and expert in your chosen specialty. Your Master's in criminal justice from Molloy University will also pave the way for you to pursue your Ph.D.

Courses at Molloy University are based on criteria set by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences - one of the main institutions that oversee the discipline of criminal justice. Courses fit into one of the following six content areas:

  • Administration of justice
  • Corrections
  • Criminological theory
  • Law adjudication
  • Law enforcement
  • Research and analytical methods

Molloy offers you a challenging, comprehensive program staffed by true leaders in the field. You will receive a broad education that will enrich your understanding of this in-demand academic discipline. Our program is delivered in a blended format, which is part of Molloy's flexible learning opportunities initiative.

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The Molloy Criminal Justice M.S. program has a 15-credit core requirement that includes:

  • Modern American Justice
  • Constitutional and Legal Issues
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • Ethics and Morality in Criminal Justice
  • A Master's seminar

You will also choose from an extensive list of elective classes depending on your personal interests. Upon completion, you will have a strong foundation on which to build a rewarding career in criminal justice.

At Molloy University, your success is important to us. You will be assigned a personal advisor who will guide you through the program and tailor it to meet your needs. Class sizes are small, too, allowing you to interact with your professors in an individualized or small group setting. And at Molloy, criminal justice professors are able to write personalized letters of recommendation with specific facts about you - because they know you.

We encourage you to earn your master's degree in criminal justice from Molloy University and help shape your future and America's response to crime and terrorism.