Post Master's Advanced Certificate Programs

Ready to take the next step in your Career?
Achieve professional growth with an Advanced Certificate from Molloy College. An Advanced Certificate will build your business skills and provide the tools needed to specialize in your career. Enhance your career expertise or take the next step towards entering a new business field.

Our Advanced Certificates are geared towards individuals who have already obtained a Graduate Degree. You can select from three certificate programs Molloy College currently offers:    

Advanced Certificate in Finance

Enhance your abilities and strategies for financial decision making in today's global economy and financial markets.    
(6 classes/18 credits)     

Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management
Expand your Healthcare Management expertise. Leaders in all areas of healthcare require advanced business skills. You can get them at Molloy!
(6 classes/18 credits)    

Advanced Certificate in Marketing
Build your brand with an Advanced Certificate in Marketing. Develop innovative marketing skills to meet the constant changes in business and technology.
(6 classes/18 credits)                                           

Classes are offered in 7-week intervals with in-class, online, and hybrid delivery options.    

* Pre requisites may apply upon evaluation of degree.