Consulting Capstone Experience

Evidence of Learning is Doing!
The Business Capstone Experience

How do you assess that a person has accumulated the skills, the knowledge and the disposition that is expected of a graduate with a Molloy Business Degree? You place a real-world business challenge in front of the student and allow him or her to demonstrate by doing!

The Business Capstone ExperienceBack in 2012 the capstone experience was redesigned to align with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor's Challenge. The Bloomberg national challenge invited Mayors from across the United States to solve problems that serve society.  The process by which these Mayors approached solving problems that affected their local communities aligns with the mission that Molloy College has for its students. 

So, this is the process that the Molloy students follow as their serve Long Island communities, while working for their client solving a real-world business problem.  The students learn about the client and the problem, for which they had no prior knowledge, and then to recommend a real-world solution. By incorporating their managerial, marketing and financial skill sets The Business Capstone Experiencetoward real life situations with neighboring clients, the principles applied allow the students to become experts in their field of study. This type of transformative education promotes knowledge, accelerate experience, and evidence of achievement among our deserving student population.

The clients that partner with our consultant students are those with a mission that serves society.  Clients have included: The Nassau County Commission for Human Rights, the Long Island Regional Planning Council, The Incorporated Village of Babylon, Sustainability Long Island, The Nassau County Bar Association, The Village of Port Jefferson, Rotacare, Island Harvest, and Canine Companions.

The outcomes of the capstone allow our students to demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge as well as the disposition toward service, which is expected of those with a Business Degree from Molloy.

Feedback from our graduates reflect gratitude for the experience, not just for preparing the student for the workplace, but for providing the opportunity to become well-rounded individuals who can take this experience and build upon it both personally and professionally.

The Business Capstone ExperienceThe consulting teams that are successful in building a well-designed turnkey solution for their clients are invited to submit their final projects in the form of a research paper during the "call for papers" to the Northeast Business & Economics Association (NBEA) Annual Conference.  After a double-blind peer evaluation, successful student-teams are accepted and invited to present their research at the NBEA annual conference.  The most recent MBA teams presented their work for Island Harvest and Sustainable Long Island.  The process of peer-evaluation and preparing for the conference is a full year.  Our students attend the NBEA conference as graduates of the program. The photos below reflect the energy of the rehearsal that led to success at the 2015 national NBEA conference.

Client and Graduate Testimonials - Capstone Experience

"Both teams were poised, confident, well-rehearsed and their presentations were thoughtful and strategic.  I am proud to be associated with Molloy College as your marketing partner and excited to be the recipient of such rich thinking and enthusiasm as a CCI board member.  I particularly liked the team's approach to helping to mainstream the fundraising activities for CCI with the Become a Companion program.  I look forward to helping to bring that to life for the organization."

Molloy Graduates extending the Value of the Capstone Experience

"Maureen, I cannot thank you and your Capstone students enough for all their hard work in developing a sound business plan for Paths of Hope.  The caliber of these students, their knowledge and skill, reflect the professionalism and level of expertise and integrity of your Capstone Program."

Diane Esposito's thank you letter.

Diane Esposito, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Paths of Hope, Inc. 

"Well done!  Please pass on my congratulations to your students."

Eva LaMere
Principal/Brand Strategist
Austin & Williams

"The most challenging and rewarding course in my college career became the most talked about aspect at an interview with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. The Bloomberg Mayor's Challenge and Capstone class posed a client problem that created a critical thinking challenge that can be observed and applied in many situations."

Christopher Madson
Class, May 2014
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

"Island Harvest Food Bank's experience working with Molloy College's students on the Capstone Cornerstone Consulting projects was truly outstanding.  Their professionalism during the various stages of the projects, including the final presentations, was first-rate. On the two projects we collaborated on in the spring and winter of 2015, we found the students' final recommendations to be highly creative, insightful and actionable. We at Island Harvest place great value on our partnership with Molloy College and appreciate the ongoing support provided to assist us in carrying out our mission of ending hunger and reducing food waste on Long Island."

Randi Shubin Dresner
President and CEO
Island Harvest