Graduate Academic Status Policy

Full-time/three-quarter/half-time/less-than-half-time Status for Graduate-Level Students

Full-time study: Full-time study is nine (9) or more credits per semester.

Three-quarter time study: Three-quarter time study is six (6) to eight (8) credits per semester.

Half-time study: Half-time study is four (4) to five (5) credits per semester. (Students must be half-time to qualify for loan deferments.)

Less than half-time study: Less than Half-time study ranges from one (1) to three (3) credits per semester.

Note: Credits taken that are not part of the required courses for a degree program or that are not required as prerequisites as a condition of acceptance, are not considered in calculating status to qualify for certain types of financial aid. Refer to the "Financial Aid" section of the catalog for more information.

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