Molloy Business Channel

Many business students are also interested in communications, including writing for newspapers and magazines as well as reporting on television. According to best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell, the days of the "generalist" in media and journalism are over. His advice to students interested in a career in media is to become as skilled as possible in both accounting and statistics so that they can understand financial news and interpret new research.

The Molloy Business Channel ("MBC") gives business students with good communication skills the opportunity to get real world experience in business journalism and business reporting on television. MBC is modeled after the successful business channel, CNBC, but it is intended for a student audience. The founder and director of MBC is Jim Paymar, who is a former corresponent for CNBC.

At MBC, students get the opportunity to provide creative content, direct segments, or star as a participant in a segment. MBC will produce a weekly show that includes the following regular segments:

• Week in Review by a panel of Faculty and Students, which discusses the important political and financial news of the week as it relates to the overall economy and stock market

• Student-led interviews with New York business leaders with a focus on guiding the business leader to explain his business strategy in a way that the student audience can understand

• Investigative Reporting by student teams to present an investment recommendation for the week

• Coverage of important business events that occur in the Molloy Business community, e.g., faculty presentations in the community, professional speakers to the Business Division, or student business activities