Course Summaries

Course Summaries
Theory/Core - 15 credits

This cluster of core courses addresses the theoretical and conceptual bases for nursing practice, and the underpinnings of professional leadership.

  • Hallmarks of Scholarly Inquiry introduces the doctoral student to the scholarly process of dissertation research preparation.
  • Ethics: The Foundation of Leadership explores traditional and contemporary ethical principles and core nursing values in order to develop students' complex analytical skills.
  • Nursing Concept Analysis Through the Humanities allows students to investigate phenomena important to nursing through the lens of the humanities. Students also develop theoretical connections and philosophical reflections as bases for future theory construction. Students gain exposure to the United States health care system and the organizational, public and corporate policies that shape and influence it as a background for nursing leadership in the Scholarship of Health Care Organizations and Policy.
  • In Philosophical Evolution of Nursing Knowledge, elements of philosophy of science are used as a guide to explore the evolution of nursing science. Nursing theory construction is examined as a foundation for research.

Research - 15 credits
In the research cluster, students acquire the tools to build their research skills. A strong foundation in both qualitative and quantitative methods is offered in Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods and a choice of either Advanced Quantitative or Advanced Qualitative Analysis. Research Residency affords students learning opportunities encompassing all aspects of the research process. In Hallmarks of Scholarly Design and Implications, students have a particular emphasis on dissertation proposal development as well as implications for the nursing profession.