Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Progression Requirements

Cumulative Grade Point Average Requirements

Students are expected to succeed academically and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 (on a 4.0) scale. Non-compliance with this criterion may result in program dismissal.

Maintenance of Academic Standards

The quality point index requirement is 3.2. If the GPA falls below 3.2 it must be raised to 3.2 by the end of the following semester. Students who fail to raise their GPA to 3.2 will be withdrawn from the program.

Repeating Courses

A course in which the student receives a grade below "B-'' must be repeated once. The option to repeat a course may not be used more than two times (two different courses).

Continuous Registration

All DNP students are required to maintain continuous registration of a minimum of at least one credit each semester (fall and spring) from admission until graduation unless an authorized leave of absence has been granted. If the student is unable to engage in doctoral study or a given semester for a health or personal reasons, a Leave of Absence form must be completed and approval must be obtained from the advisor and the Director of the DNP program.

Registration Procedures

The academic advisor (or in his/her absence, the director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program) will sign registration materials. It is crucial that the student meet with his/her academic advisor for advisement purposes prior to the registration period each semester. Students are expected to have met specified prerequisites for any course they wish to take.

Incomplete Grades

Students who do not complete course requirements on time because of illness or other extenuating circumstances may be given a grade of "incomplete" ("I") by the instructor. All work to rectify incomplete grades must be in compliance with College policies. Students are advised whenever possible to complete requirements within the time allotted for the course. Incomplete grades do not count toward requirements or graduation.

Waiver of Course Requirement

Occasionally, a student is admitted to the DNP Program who presents the credentials of having experience that is equivalent to the required course. In this instance, the student may request a waiver of course. The Advisor and the student are then notified in writing of the action taken. Any student receiving a favorable waiver of course action will be required to take a course, with advisement, that will provide the appropriate number of credits to substitute for the waived course.

Health of Student

A student in the program who is unable to meet course objectives due to health problems will be requested to either take an "incomplete" in the course or withdraw from the course depending upon which is more appropriate.

Licensure as a Registered Nurse

A student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program must maintain current licensure as a registered professional nurse  in New York State and in any other state where the student may be involved in clinical activities.

Malpractice Insurance

Evidence of malpractice insurance may be required according to student's program of study.


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