What Students are Saying About the Program

Photo of Eric Anthony Karahalis

I earned my bachelor's degree in philosophy from Molloy University in 1994, and gained direction and insight from my professors in an excellent and engaging environment. I went on to earn a master's degree in philosophy from K.U. Leuven, and have only my professors at Molloy University to thank for the education, preparation, and direction that led me to pursue my master's in Belgium. 

As an educator, and a lifelong learner, I have always had the desire to continue my education and earn a doctoral degree. When I decided to pursue my doctorate in education, I discovered that Molloy had an Ed.D program with a focus on social justice and leadership in diversity. There is no other school that can offer a rigorous doctoral degree in a truly nurturing and loving community like Molloy.

Eric Anthony Karahalis

Carol Boodram-Wright M.S. Ed

My passion for seeking social justice and equality for all learners fostered my journey to the doctoral program at Molloy University. As an educator, acceptance of cultural diversity is at the core of my existence. Change requires wisdom personally and professionally. Attaining advanced knowledge is the key factor in the next phase of my life goals. If I am to serve my students in the 21​st​ century, I must be equipped with the awareness of quantitative and qualitative research that impacts our society today. The data generated will enable me to be a change agent as an educational leader for diverse learning communities. As I embark on my quest at Molloy University, enduring relationships have been established with members of my cohort and my professors. Together we have rediscovered that "Nothing worthwhile comes easy." This is my mantra as I strive to achieve my objectives for an improved educational school system as an Ed.D student. 

Carol Boodram-Wright M.S. Ed
Literacy Specialist
Valley Stream UFSD

Signy Emler, M.Ed., M.A., S.B.L. Social Studies Teacher Lindenhurst UFSD

"I truly believe in order to implement the vision I am developing for effective leadership of public schools, I must delve more deeply into the research required of Ed.D. candidates. I believe that Molloy's program will provide me with the skill to investigate and propose solutions to current problems in public education in the United States. My short-term goal is to deepen and expand my understanding of public education, in particular to truly understand the best way to educate all students. I am motivated, always, by a commitment to social justice."

Signy Emler, M.Ed., M.A., S.B.L.
Social Studies Teacher
Lindenhurst UFSD

Desiree Moodley, Ed.M. Lecturer Cornerstone Campus Cape Town, South Africa

"On attending several workshops and conferences on learning styles and learner-centered pedagogies in the United States, Europe, Turkey and South Africa over the years, and, having cited from her writings and research, the name of one of Prof. Dunn's protégé's, that of Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, was already familiar to me. It was thus a natural progression for me to make contact with this renowned figure to supervise the next stage of my study; to read for a doctoral programme that seeks to deepen and widen my gaze into the field of social justice, leadership and transformation in diverse learning communities."

Desiree Moodley, B Mus Ed B Ed Hon M Ed Curriculum Studies
Lecturer, Cornerstone Campus
Cape Town, South Africa

Alma G. Rocha, M.S., S.D.A. Assistant Principal Freeport UFSD

"Continuing my education is more than academic study; it is for me as a professional, as a wife and as a mother, a necessity. Professionally, preparing to meet the challenges of educating our students is an impossible task with the constant changes and never-ending demands. I must evolve to meet the needs of the new era in education, and this move will not happen magically; however, I will continue to work towards a better system for everyone, most importantly, the students."

Alma G. Rocha, M.S., S.D.A.
Assistant Principal
Freeport UFSD