Unique Aspects of the Ed.D Program

The School of Education and Human Services at Molloy University offers a unique contribution to doctoral education, the field of education, the local and regional communities, and the larger society. In response to an emerging need to prepare teachers, administrators, and school-related professionals who will contribute leadership skills to spearhead reform initiatives closely tied to social justice, educational equity, and advocacy for underrepresented student populations, the School of Education and Human Services developed the Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities Ed.D. program. 

The design of the Ed.D. Program at Molloy University is based on the guiding principles and framework found in the Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate which includes the following concepts: Scholarly Practitioner: Scholarly Practitioners blend practical wisdom with professional skills and knowledge to name, frame, and solve problems of practice. They use practical research and applied theories as tools for change because they understand the importance of equity and social justice. They disseminate their work in multiple ways, and they have an obligation to resolve problems of practice by collaborating with key stakeholders, including the university, the educational institution, the community, and individuals.  Signature Pedagogy: Signature Pedagogy is the pervasive set of practices used to prepare scholarly practitioners for all aspects of their professional work. Inquiry as Practice: Inquiry as Practice is the process of posing significant questions that focus on complex problems of practice. By using various research, theories, and professional wisdom, scholarly practitioners design innovative solutions to address the problems of practice. At the center of Inquiry of Practice is the ability to use data to understand the effects of innovation. As such, Inquiry of Practice requires the ability to gather, organize, judge, aggregate, and analyze situations, literature, and data with a critical lens.

The program maintains membership in the Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate consortium and works to integrate the values and guiding virtues of Molloy University with the mission and vision of CPED in evaluating and addressing the educational challenges of today.