Signature Pedagogy

The three components of the Molloy University Ed.D. signature pedagogy - the unique characteristics for how teaching and learning take place - are as follows:

  • Field-based, Practitioner-Oriented Research
    Molloy faculty will work with doctoral program students to develop modes of inquiry for creating a systematic and orderly way to observe curricular and instructional issues and develop a plan of action to address authentic, contemporary educational topics concerning diverse learners. Throughout the course of the doctoral studies, Molloy faculty will work closely with all doctoral students to bridge the gap between theory and practice in order to become agents of change and assure equity in their current and future educational settings.

  • Inquiry-Driven, Ethical Leadership
    The School of Education and Human Services is committed to developing leaders who are:

    • Well versed in the importance of ethical decision making
    • Aware of - and responsive to - current local, state, national and international educational trends
    • Knowledgeable of the historical underpinnings of the American educational experience
    • Informed policymakers willing to make instructional, programmatic and policy changes in local school settings, which are necessary for educational achievement for all

    Throughout the Molloy doctoral experience, the program emphasizes ethical leadership, innovative instruction, curriculum changes and public policy as it applies to diversity and the diverse needs of all learners.

  • Multiple Mentorship
    Our unique mentoring design has been created to ensure that all students receive the necessary guidance toward completion of their doctoral studies. An initial advisor, cohort mentor and a dissertation mentor are assigned to work with each student in order to facilitate their progress of study, advisement and research development. By means of advisement, the initial cohort advisor guides the doctoral students through the program's required coursework and a dissertation mentor is selected after a doctoral student's dissertation research topic is finalized in Year 2.