Cognition and Learning Lab

The Cognition and Learning Laboratory (CogLe) at Molloy University conducts basic and applied research on the cognitive factors that influence cultural, developmental and social perspectives on learning. CogLe was established by Dr. Mubina Schroeder and Dr. Joanna Alcruz as a way to explore theoretical issues in cognitive science and social psychology and their practical implications for the field of education. Current projects focus on investigating collaborative problem-solving, divergent thinking, and the cognitive apprenticeship model.

CogLe is pronounced cog · lee

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Kellenberg Hall, K220A

Picture of Dr. Mubina Schroeder Picture of Joanna Alcruz, Ph.D

Mubina Schroeder, Ph.D.

Joanna Alcruz, Ph.D

Dr. Melissa Gebbia

Dr. Melissa Gebbia, Ph.D.

Helen Kwah, Ph.D.

Donna Cempa-Danziger
Kyle Ferdinand Maurelli

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