Faculty Course Design and Development

The Molloy Blend: Developing Web-Enhanced, Hybrid or Online Courses  

The Office of Blended/Online Learning and Student Success offers faculty support in designing web-enhanced, hybrid and online courses. The Molloy Blend acknowledges that quality web-enhanced, hybrid and online course design requires a flexible combination of workshops, resources, tools and instructional design consultations. In addition, our office will offer faculty workshops, an online learning community and online courses for all faculty.

Course design takes time, so faculty should plan to begin at least 12 to 18 weeks prior to the start of the course, depending on one's technical skills and previous experiences with online teaching.

Contact us at coursedesign@molloy.edu.

Hybrid/Online Faculty FAQs

Want to learn more about hybrid and online teaching at Molloy College? Check out our Hybrid and Online Faculty FAQs (PDF) for information about getting started, designing courses, seeking support, and finding resources.

Checklist for Teaching Hybrid/Online

This Checklist for Teaching Hybrid and Online (PDF) is based on the Blended Learning Delivery Policy and Process at Molloy. (The full policy can be found in Appendix XIII B of the Faculty Handbook.) You can use it as a reminder before and during semesters when you will be teaching hybrid and/or online courses.

Molloy's Teaching Timeline for Hybrid/Online Courses

Teaching Timeline (Doc)

This timeline provides faculty guidance on when to complete important tasks before, during, and after teaching hybrid/online. We suggest completing TLC and meeting with an Instructional Designer regularly at least one semester before you plan to teach hybrid/online. During the course, provide students with an orientation to online learning and important links. Be sure to communicate regularly with students and continue meeting with your Instructional Designer. After the semester, backup your Canvas course and work with your Instructional Designer to implement changes for the next iteration of the course.

Recommended Workshops

To learn more about integrating instructional technology tools in your course, enroll in available workshops offered by Technology Learning Services (e.g., Canvas and Panopto). The Office of Blended/Online Learning offers faculty development workshops hosted by the Faculty Professional Center.

Navigate to the Faculty Professional Center's calendar for more information and to register for these upcoming offerings:     

  • Ensuring Quality Design Using Quality Matters Rubric
  • Multimedia
  • Faculty Panel (with lunch!)
  • Creating Learning Modules
  • Preserving Academic Integrity with Respondus
  • Accessible Course Design
  • VoiceThread Training
  • Course Design Drop-In Hour
  • Managing the Online Classroom

Please let us know what other topics you would like to see offered!

Online Faculty Development Courses

Teach, Learn, Course Design Online (TLC)

Teach, Learn, Course Design Online (TLC) is a fully online, two-week faculty development course focusing on best practices of hybrid and online teaching and learning. Faculty should expect to spend 12-14 hours per week doing online coursework. TLC is being held online so that faculty can experience learning online using Canvas before they teach in this format. It is highly recommended that faculty take Introduction to Canvas offered by Technology Learning Services prior to participating in this online course. In addition to Introduction to Canvas, it is recommended faculty enroll in the workshop, Course Design Made Easy: The Basics. All registered faculty will be notified of this course offering before the start of TLC.

For all our online course offerings (including TLC), visit our online course registration page.

"The TLC course was outstanding! I was able to create a very organized and engaging course for the students as a result of the class!" Lauren Spatig, Adjunct Instructor, Division of Business

"I found so much of this course useful, it did exceed expectations. I have made good progress on building the online class I am teaching...and now understand how important - and easy - it can be to personalize and participate in this online course you are teaching. I love the structure and organization of the course maps and plan to use them for other classes as well. I'm very glad I took this course - thank you!" Meryl Rosenblatt, Assistant Professor - Division of Business  

TLC Waiver Application Process

For experienced hybrid and online faculty, who would like to request a TLC course waiver, contact coursedesign@molloy.edu. Waiver process includes the following steps:

     1. Email coursedesign@molloy.edu and request a waiver application form.
     2. Send completed waiver application to coursedesign@molloy.edu.
     3. Schedule a consultation (virtual or on campus) with the Instructional Designers
         to review previously taught hybrid or online courses
     4. An Instructional Designer will contact you with a decision on your waiver status.

Reviewing Course Design with Quality Matters (QM)

This one-week, online course based on the research-based rubric, Quality Matters (QM). QM is a continuous improvement model for assuring the quality of hybrid and online courses. This course includes an introduction to Quality Matters, a detailed review of the QM Standards, and guidance on how to apply the QM Rubric. You will receive an email invitation to the Canvas course before it begins. Please be sure to check your Molloy email.

For all our online course offerings (including QM), visit our online course registration page.

Learning for All (Self-paced)

Learning for All is a self-paced course based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is a framework for learning designed to improve and optimize teaching methods and provide equal access for all students by reducing barriers. The goal of this course is to provide an understanding of UDL and how it can be incorporated into the design of web-enhanced, hybrid and online courses. As a culminating project, you will use UDL principles to develop a module plan for your course.

A self-paced course means that you can review and complete the course materials on your own schedule. There are no due dates or deadlines. When you successfully complete all deliverables, you will be contacted by an instructional designer.

Register now for Learning for All. Once you have registered for the course, an instructional designer will contact you to let you know that you have been added to the Canvas course.

Instructional Design Consultations

The role of the Instructional Designer is to collaborate with faculty in all academic divisions in designing quality hybrid/online courses. An Instructional Designer can discuss your course design needs.

Contact us at coursedesign@molloy.edu.

Recommended Tools

VoiceThread Zoom

Learning Management System

Lecture Capture Software

Standards for Quality

Blended Learning Resources

Lock Down Browser and Monitor

JET Library Canvas Integration Tools

Recommended Resources

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