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At Molloy, we make it easier than ever to advance your education. Our programs offer you the flexibility and convenience to meet your educational goals while maintaining a balance with your personal and professional responsibilities.



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"As a working mom, Blended and Online Learning has enabled me to take multiple classes that maximize my time, while pursuing my degree. I have had the privilege of interacting directly with faculty and students in thought-provoking discussion boards, and through a challenging - yet rewarding - curriculum. This innovative program is a valuable pathway for those unable to advance in a traditional classroom setting due to family obligations. I am grateful for the ability and opportunity to balance my family and work-life, as I continue to achieve my goals."



"As a graduate student at Molloy College, I had a very busy schedule. Between my course work, Graduate Assistant position, waitressing shifts, and fieldwork I found the blended program format to be a huge help! My experience with hybrid courses was that I would attend a face-to-face class every other week; I would have online work to do in place of the class on off weeks. The flexibility of having 50% of my coursework be online freed up my schedule allowing me to pick up an extra dinner shift at work or have a night off to spend in the library. Online assignments could be done anywhere whether that be at my kitchen table or on my dinner break at work. There were times I'd even complete reading assignments on my phone thanks to the Canvas app!"
- Joyce Borelli, B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
-  Erin Dougan, M.S. Education
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"I began the accelerated second-degree nursing program in Fall 2020. The bachelor's program incorporates courses with online learning as well as traditional learning. However, due to the circumstances of Fall 2020, a majority of my classes are online. I felt the online format of this program worked in my favor due to the flexible experience with online learning. I am able to pick up more shifts at my job and complete coursework on my own time. Courses that use the blended/online format help me create a schedule to keep me on track for the semester. I like to contribute to Discussions on Canvas, I'm able to interact with me peers and see their perspectives on a topic even from a distance. I look forward to completing my second degree at Molloy as I continue to participate in blended and online learning." "In my graduate experience at Molloy I have taken advantage of both fully online and hybrid courses. The flexibility of Blended and Online Learning has allowed me to balance coursework, a Graduate Assistant position, and my clinical experience. In hybrid courses, time was divided between the traditional and online setting. The online aspect of hybrid courses gave me an opportunity to clear time in my schedule to focus on other assignments and clinical work. In my experience with online courses, the Blended/Online format provided a structure that still allowed me to complete assignments on my own time. Canvas features like the To Do List and Announcements really helped me to stay on track with my coursework!"
- Matthew McClellan Molloy Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program - Jamie O'Connor, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology

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