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Let's go somewhere!

     The Office of International Education opens up the world for you to explore! We offer exciting trips around the world that are directly linked to your academic courses, in addition to service learning opportunities.The benefits of studying abroad include the opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, boost your career, gain independence, and make lifelong friends. Make travel plans with us and see the world from a new perspective!  When you study abroad you will have a better understanding of a country's people and history. Becoming a global citizen will help you understand how you fit into the world, and listing study abroad on your resume will attract potential employers, giving you an edge over your competitors. You will develop a self-sufficient attitude and learn to thrive in an unfamiliar place, as well as experience life changing activities that push your boundaries outside of your comfort zone. You will return a wiser individual, ready to face future challenges. Let’s go somewhere!  

What are the requirements for international study opportunities?

  • currently enrolled at Molloy University 
  • in good academic and disciplinary standing 
  • completed at least two semesters at Molloy University
  • meet course requirements for chosen program 

To find out if you are eligible for a trip, email or visit us at our office in Public Square 310. 

To download the International Education registration packet, click here

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