School District Leader (SDL)

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The Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate Program for School District Leader (SDL) certification is a 15-credit program that develops leadership in the areas of strategic planning, governance, compliance and supervision. The program focuses on providing a strong foundation in order to apply knowledge, concepts, and theory into practice. Through diverse and comprehensive experiences candidates will be exposed to strategies, theories, and fieldwork necessary to develop skills to address the challenges of our diverse learning communities and includes experiences in districts serving students at different developmental levels and with a variety of characteristics and socioeconomic backgrounds. Up to two courses, if they meet the content of our courses and have been taken within the past 5 years, may be transferred from other leadership programs. 

Required Courses include:

EDU 5700:  Strategic Planning and Organizational Change (3 Credits)  

EDU 5702:  District Level Governance and Policy (3 Credits)        

EDU 5704:  District Resources and Compliance Administration (3 Credits)  

EDU 5706: District Educational Programs: Administration and Supervision for Equity and Excellence (3 Credits)  

EDU 5708:  Internship for School District Leaders (3 Credits)

Total Credits Required: 15

Course Format

All courses are taught in an online format using Canvas, with four mandatory synchronous sessions (via Zoom) per course and the remaining sessions asynchronous with assignment/discussion due dates.

Admissions Application Process

Application fee: $65.00

To be considered for the School District Leader program, the following is required:

 Candidates new to the program or who did not complete SBL at Molloy:

  • An online application including resume and goals statement.
  • Master’s Degree
  • Two letters of reference, one must be from a school district leader or direct supervisor in your district, who holds a School District Certification.
  • An official transcript from graduate school(s) attended with 45 graduate credits exclusive of any SDL courses.
  • To begin the program, a minimum of 3 years full-time teaching or pupil personnel services experience in an accredited N(3K)-12 setting is required.
  • An interview with the Molloy University School of Education which will be conducted through Zoom.

Candidates who have completed the School Building Leader Certification at Molloy:

  • An online application
  • One letter of reference from a school district leader or direct supervisor in your district who holds a School District Certification
  • An interview with the Molloy University School of Education through Zoom


School District Leader Courses and Molloy's Ed.D. for Diverse Learning Communities

Candidates interested in applying credits towards a Molloy University Ed.D. for Diverse Learning Communities must apply to the doctoral program and be accepted. If accepted into the program, certain courses may be transferred into the Molloy doctoral program. The cost-per-credit difference for the SDL courses and standard tuition rate for Ed.D. courses will be retroactively applied.

Registration and Tuition
Once accepted into the program, the students will be contacted regarding registration for courses. Summer 2023 tuition is offered at $1200 per 3-credit graduate course. 

Effective Fall 2023, SBL and SDL tuition costs are $420 per credit plus $165  per course.  There is also a $65 application fee.

If you any questions or would like to see about offering the programs within your district, please contact Dr. Denise T. Smith, SBL/SDL Program Coordinator, School of Education and Human Services, Molloy College at: (516) 323-3114 or by email at: