Molloy Opportunity for Successful Transition

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The MOST (Molloy Opportunity for Successful Transition) Program in collaboration with the Mary Quinn’s Mark Foundation is a two-year program to provide individuals with developmental disabilities, aged 21-27, opportunities to identify and develop the social and academic skills required to successfully transition into a meaningful and engaged adult life while participating in a fully inclusive college experience. Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to explore and utilize campus facilities and join activities based on their areas of interest.

All MOST classes are conducted on the Molloy University main campus in Rockville Centre.  The MOST curricula have been designed based on The Inquiry Design Model Framework and written by members of the faculty specifically to meet the mission statement of the program and the learning needs of the students. There are two overriding strands: literacy and career and employment. Each strand has been developed and aligned to move from “theory to practice” by expanding on, supporting, and complimenting the overarching learning goal identified for each of the two academic years. Literacy courses focus on vetting information sources and identifying and developing a growth mindset and harnessing personal strengths. Employment and Career courses focus on building responsible budgets and finance skills and exploring and identifying career choices based on personal strengths and interests. The instructional goals for each academic year are driven by essential questions and all assessments are authentically designed to determine each student’s progress. In addition to a Fall and Spring semester, the MOST Program also requires all students’ participation the program’s Winter Intersession classes. Courses offered during the Winter Intersession include but are not limited to Health & Wellness, Executing Functioning, Photography, Art, and Theater.


All applicants must be able to safely navigate the Molloy University campus, demonstrate safety skills in unsupervised settings, independently care for personal hygiene needs, transition between academic and non-academic settings, and engage in instructional settings.

All applicants must be accompanied to class with an individual, direct support staff member. While in the program, direct support staff are referred to as “mentors”.

  • Applicants must have graduated or exited from high school.
  • Applicants must have eligibility for OPWDD services.
  • Applicants must have a self-direction plan through OPWDD.
  • Applicants must complete the MOST Application and submit all required documentation.

Applications are accepted from January 10th to May 1st for the following Fall semester.


All Classes will be 1.5 hours 2x Weekly.

Classes are held at Molloy’s RVC Campus, following the Molloy undergraduate calendar.

Click here for course objectives and descriptions.

Typical day at MOST (2X a week: Tues + Thurs)

9:30 AM

Arrive on Campus

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Class 1

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Break for lunch

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Class 2

Course Overview:





MOST 1: Finance and Budgeting 1

MOST 2: Literacy 1:  Identifying Main Ideas and Author’s Purpose

MOST 6: Careers and Employment

MOST 7: Literacy 3: Growth Mindset




Health Wellness 1:  Executive Functioning


Health Wellness 2:  Executive Functioning



MOST 4: Finance and Budgeting 2

MOST 5: Literacy 2:  Vetting Sources

MOST 9: Careers and Employment

MOST 10: Literacy: Personal Strengths

MOST Program Tuition:

Fall Semester: Total Cost = $3,200

Spring Semester: Total Cost = $3,200

Mid-Year/ Intersession: Total Cost = $800

Application and Admission: 

All applications will be reviewed by the MOST Coordinators and families will be notified of their student’s status no later than May15th. Potential candidates will be invited to campus for an interview prior to final selection.

Click here for an application for admission. If the application does not open, call 516-323-3550 or email and an application will be mailed/emailed/faxed to you.


If you should have any questions or need and additional information, please contact the MOST Program Coordinators at: