1. What is the TRiO Program?
The US Government's first reauthorization of the Higher Education Act in 1968 initiated the TRiO name that continues to be used today. The three programs under its umbrella are Upward Bound, Talent Search and Student Support Services. These were designed to assist eligible students to begin and complete a post-secondary education.

Upward Bound helps eligible people and veterans prepare for higher education. Talent Search was created to serve young people in grades six through twelve to better understand their educational options and opportunities. Student Support Services help eligible students stay in college until they earn their baccalaureate degree. At Molloy, the TRiO Program is used as the name for the Student Support Services.

Molloy College received the TRiO Program grant from the Federal Government in September 2001. Its goal is to assist eligible students in achieving their educational goal. It represents Molloy's commitment to the attainment of education for all students regardless of race, ethnic background or economic circumstances.

2. Am I eligible for the TRiO Program?
The TRiO Program is open to currently enrolled Molloy students and to incoming freshmen and transfer students for whom one or more of the following applies:

  • Families qualify as having financial need
  • First generation in college
  • Have a physical or learning disability

3. What are the services offered by the TRiO Program?
Academic and Career Advising
TRiO advisors work closely with departmental advisors to ensure that TRiO students understand the many options for majors and careers and the requirements that must be met. TRiO students have the opportunity to meet with a TRiO advisor to complete an Intake Assessment that will structure their academics and goals.

Academic Support
Through the Writing Center and the Academic Enrichment Program (AcE), TRiO students are afforded the extra support they need to successfully meet their educational objectives.

Assistance with Admissions, Financial Aid and Other College Services
TRiO advisors assist with all areas of College life and act as advocates for TRiO students.

Support for Students with Disabilities
Through the Office of STEEP, students with special needs are provided with services based upon their individual needs.

Cultural and Social Activities
TRiO strives to build a learning community in which our students from diverse backgrounds have opportunities to enjoy the excitement of New York . Free cultural and social activities are provided throughout the year for students to meet with their TRiO peers, faculty and staff.

TRiO provides one-on-one mentoring for new freshmen to help them adjust to college life.

TRiO advisors have a wealth of resources about scholarships, grants, volunteer placements, internships, and opportunities for many other aspects of community life.

4. Do I receive any extra financial aid?
Grant money is available to those who qualify. Your TRiO Program application and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be reviewed by members of the TRiO Program Team.

5. How do I contact the TRiO Program at Molloy College ?
Call or email:

TRiO Program