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What is the Mid-Semester Performance Appraisal process?
The mid-semester performance appraisal process advises students of academic deficiencies in current class work and refers students to academic resources and support. This early warning provides students with an opportunity to effect change during the current semester.

Students may receive a priority email, at their Molloy email address, directing them to view mid-semester performance appraisals online. If you receive a mid-semester performance appraisal:

  • Discuss the appraisal with the faculty member(s) who sent it to you. Remember that you can receive a mid-semester performance appraisal for more than one course.
  • Discuss the mid-semester performance appraisal with your faculty academic advisor. They will offer suggestions to help you achieve academic success.
  • Follow up on the suggestions that you receive. Utilize the Academic Support Services available to you at no cost such as The Writing Resource Center for assistance with writing academic papers and the academic enrichment program which provides tutoring. These offices are located on the lower level of the Casey building.

What is the probation policy for undergraduate students?
Students achieving below 2.0 are placed on academic probation as a warning that they are in jeopardy of losing academic standing. Students are informed of their probationary status by a letter from the Associate Dean for Academic Support Services at the end of each semester. Students are invited to discuss their academic situation with the Associate Dean. Academic and extracurricular restrictions may be imposed to enable concentration on academic programs. Probation is removed when the minimum 2.0 requirement is met during a program of not less than 12 credit hours. A student on academic probation in spring will have that status removed at the end of the summer session if he, or she, attains a cumulative average of 2.0.

What is the academic suspension and dismissal policy for undergraduate students?
The Associate Dean for Academic Support Services reviews the records of students subject to suspension, or dismissal, and notifies students of their status in writing. Students achieving below 2.0 for a second semester will be continued on academic probation. The third semester below 2.0 merits academic suspension. A student whose index is below a 2.0 as a result of grades of "I" will be permitted to complete course work. If these Incompletes become letter grades resulting in an index of 2.0 or better, the student's record will be adjusted accordingly.

What is the policy regarding "I" grades?
The grade of Incomplete "I" will be granted only in the case of extenuating circumstances which, in the judgment of the instructor, warrant special consideration. If all course work is not completed by the last day of class, it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor within 24 hours after the final examination. If the student fails to follow the above procedure, the instructor will grade accordingly (as per course outline).

Students with "Incompletes" cannot be approved for graduation. Pending graduates must have all grades recorded prior to the degree award dates in the academic calendar, or be denied approval for graduation.

The instructor will determine the appropriate amount of time required to complete and change the grade of "I," (usually within 30 days of the last class meeting). Any extension beyond the published dates in the academic calendar requires written approval of both the instructor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

An "I" will remain on the record for five class days into the following semester. You can refer to the academic calendar for actual deadlines. If by that time the instructor has not notified the Registrar that the "I" has been changed to a letter grade, the "I" becomes an "F." In extreme cases, the deadline for changing the grade of "I" may be extended, but only with the written approval of both the instructor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Under no circumstances may the "I" grade be given for the following situations:

  • Student on class list who has never attended class
  • Student who wishes to do additional post-semester work to improve grade
  • Student who wishes to repeat the course as an audit, retaking examinations, etc., in order to improve a grad

The grade of "I," until it is changed, is calculated as an "F."

How do I compute my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A student's cumulative grade point average is determined on the basis of the following numbers assigned to the letter grades:

A = 4.0

A-= 3.7

B+ = 3.3 B = 3.0 B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3

C = 2.0 C- = 1.7
D+ = 1.3 D = 1.0 F = 0
I = 0 WF = 0

The grade point average is computed by multiplying the number corresponding to the course grade in each course by the number of credit hours for the course, totaling these products and then dividing the sum by the total number of credit hours. GPA is calculated for both the term and cumulative to date at the end of each semester. All grades are included in computing the GPA except
P = Passing
W = Withdrawal
WA = Withdrawn-Absent

Course Title

Grade Earned

Quality Points

Credit Hours


History of Art


3.0 x

3 =


Basic Human Biology


2.7 x

3 =


Critical Reading


4.0 x

3 =


Elementary Statistics


2.3 x

3 =


Physical Fitness


3.3 x

1 =







The GPA in this example is 39.3/13 = 3.023

What is required to make "Dean's List"?
Published at the end of each semester, the Dean's List contains the names of matriculated full-time undergraduate students in good standing who, during the preceding semester, attained a minimum scholastic index of 3.60 and maintained a high standard of personal conduct, cooperation and loyalty to the ideals and standards of Molloy College. To be eligible for the Dean's List of Distinguished Students, a student must carry at least 12 credit hours of coursework, taken for letter grades, for the semester. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis are excluded. Student teachers following a competency-based program are evaluated according to program criteria. Students who receive an Incomplete will not be eligible for the Dean's List for that semester. Exceptions to this regulation, based on extraordinary circumstances, will be determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

What grade point average is needed to obtain "Cum Laude", "Magna Cum Laude," or "Summa Cum Laude" on my diploma?
To be eligible for any degree distinction (Graduation Honors), students must earn at least 60 credits at Molloy College and achieve an index as shown below. Credits from Challenge examinations, CLEP, etc., are not included.

Category of honors:

  • Cum Laude: index of 3.60 or better and no grade below C
  • Magna Cum Laude: index of 3.75 or better and no grade below
  • Summa Cum Laude: index of 3.90 or better and no grade below B

What is the procedure for taking courses at another college for the purpose of transferring credit?
A form is available at the registrar's office, which must be authorized by admissions, the department chairperson offering the course, the student's advisor, the student's chairperson and the Associate Dean for Academic Support Services. A letter explaining extraordinary circumstances must be submitted with the approved form to the Associate Dean for Academic Support Services prior to processing at registrar. Any course offered at Molloy will not be approved to be taken off campus during that semester. An official transcript must be sent to the Registrar.

Must I participate in a Freshman Learning Community?
Transfer students entering with fewer than 30 transfer credits must register for the Freshman Learning Community course as part of Molloy College's degree requirements.

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